Weirdest Pest Stories of the Week of 12/10/2012

Top bites for this week:

Fire Ant Raft

We've all seen movies where there's a shipwreck and people use life rafts to get to shore. Now instead of a plastic raft, imagine a whole sea of ants as the raft. When faced with floods, fire ants create a raft out of their bodies and float to shore. Check out the video!

Ants & Termites Greedy for Gold?

Described as "Australia's smallest and most numerous mining prospectors", ants and termites have been discovered to be avid gold diggers! Researchers in Australia observed billions of ants & termites stockpiling gold from up to 5m below the surface. You're probably thinking the same thing-could these insects be another tool to find gold?

Bed Bugs in Library Books

If you love reading and read library books often, be careful. Books can bite! Bed bugs have found a new way of crawling into your bed; through library books. It's become so bad, people who have ended up with bed bug infestations have to meet with librarians and return books outside the library.

Kids Spider Snack

We're all a little queasy about the idea of eating bugs. But in some countries, such as Cambodia, they#&39;re a common snack. Just pick up a spider off the streets and cook it; no need to spend money or wait for food to be prepared!

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