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Wasp Control in Newark, New Jersey

Wasps are insects that are either solitary or social and typically aggressive. Fiercely protected, nests built by social wasps can be threatening to humans.

  • To effectively get rid of wasps, finding their nest is key.
  • There are almost 100,000 known species of wasps.
  • Wasps that are social are aggressive and difficult to get rid of.
  • There are almost 100,000 known species of wasps.
  • To effectively get rid of wasps, finding their nest is key.

When threatened, wasps, unlike bees, are able to sting multiple times due to their lack of barbs. In some cases, the sting of wasps can fatal or cause allergic reactions. Got wasps? Call a professional pest control service and get rid of them today!

Wasp Control Providers

Afco Pest Control
236 Delancey St Newark, NJ 07105
Afco Pest Control Co
PO Box 5068 Newark, NJ 07105
All Way Pest Control
328 N 10th St Newark, NJ 07107
740 Frelinghuysen Ave Newark, NJ 07114
Arrest Pest
107 Warwick St Newark, NJ 07105
Bliss Exterminator Co
146 Midland Pl Newark, NJ 07106
Booker & Booker Exterminators
PO Box 2416 Newark, NJ 07114
Bug-Eliminators Termite & Pest
563 Bloomfield Ave # 2 Newark, NJ 07107
Emergency Pest Control
1 Bloomfield Ave Newark, NJ 07104
High-Tech Termite & Pest Contr
909 Broad St # 159a Newark, NJ 07102
Jersey Janitor Supply
230 Market St Newark, NJ 07102
Noon & Son Pest Control LLC
740 Clinton Ave Newark, NJ 07108
Paramount Exterminating Newark
NJ 07102
Pest Control Svc
563 Bloomfield Ave Newark, NJ 07107
R C Exterminator Inc
174 Adams St Newark, NJ 07105
Vanguard Fumigation Co
122 Marsh St Newark, NJ 07114