Wasp Removal Sans Chemicals

In most cases, wasp removal involves the use of chemicals and pesticides applied to a wasp nest to kill the wasps. Some homeowners, however, are not fond of the idea of using chemicals to get rid of wasps and may look for alternatives. The following pest control techniques require no chemicals and little expertise to execute against wasps around your home.

1. Boiling Water

Boil water and pour it over the wasp nest. Seems simple enough, but the right equipment and strategy still need to be in place to complete the job. Place a bucket under the nest to catch the run-off water and the nest if it happens to break and fall. If it’s a nest built in the ground, as some types of wasps are prone to do, be sure that the amount of water poured has somewhere to go. The last thing you want is to create a standing pool that will attract mosquitoes and other pests!

2. Manual Nest Removal

Like bees, wasps can easily be removed once you take away their home. For nests that are built and hanging off tree branches, removing the nest in its entirety leaves the wasps no choice but to seek a home elsewhere. If you’re looking to get rid of the wasps altogether, wait until dawn or dusk when the wasps are all inside the nest before initiating removal. Using a double-layered garbage bag or thick paper bag, wrap the nest around it and remove it from the branch. Be sure to protect yourself from stinging by wearing protective clothing and goggles.

3. Citrus Oil

Citrus oil extracted from lemons and oranges have made a surprisingly potent antidote for wasp removal. Although they are in liquid form, they are not chemicals because they have not been altered from their natural state. The key ingredients, limonene and linalool, are what cause the wasps to die almost directly on contact. Killing an entire nest of wasps can be accomplished through citrus oil, but be sure to dispose the dead wasps and nest properly in a garbage bag and placed in the trash.

If none of these methods provide long-term prevention in keeping wasps away from your home, contact a local pest exterminator who can offer other alternatives that use little to no chemicals for your home wasp control.

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