4 Tools for Getting Rid of Rats

Anyone who has ever experienced a rat infestation knows the seemingly impossible challenge of getting rid of these destructive pests. Compared to mice, rats can be more difficult to eradicate due to their size and lack of inhibition around humans. But with the right tools, homeowners can still get rid of rats from their home using tools they may already have.

Steel Mesh and Caulk

There is no point in attempting to get rid of rats without first sealing the cracks and openings around the home. One of the best tools of locking rats inside is heavy-duty steel mesh that can be stapled or wired to close holes.

In some areas, mesh might not be enough. Should there be a large opening, accompany the mesh with caulking material. Add drops of peppermint oil or spearmint oil along the mesh to further repel rats.

Black Lights

Black lights can be an effective tool in locating where rats are urinating and defecating. Since rats often build nests in hiding, a black light helps you track down and reveal where they are. Your next step is to remove the nest so that rats have nowhere to come back to.


Some forms of rat repellant contain powdered fox or cat urine to keep rats away via scent detection. It can be placed in areas where rats or rat droppings have been spotted. The smell should send the false alert of a predator nearby, hopefully scaring them to move elsewhere.

Glue Boards

There are glue boards designed to capture rats, but in many cases, the glue boards are only effective on younger rats. Older mice can get caught on the glue and chew themselves away from the board to get free.

Nevertheless, using glue boards to capture young rats and spring traps prove to be an effective combination.

Prevention as the Best Tool

The best tool you can use in getting rid of rats around the home is prevention. Nothing works better than sealing up your home and keeping the food away from hungry rats. Keeping your home clean and well-maintained (e.g., no leaking pipes, closed garbage cans) should also act as sufficient barriers to repel rodents and stop them from advancing anywhere near your home.

If the above tools have little effect in discouraging rats from making your home theirs, call a professional pest exterminator to help you resolve the situation with more permanent solutions.

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