Tips for Spider Control around the Home

Eliminate Other Pests

Spiders live near porch lights, between trees, or in dark crevices and corners in the home to be near other pests they can prey on. By eliminating mosquitos, moths and flies around your home, spiders will likely leave to search for another food source.

The first step to eliminating other pests is to look for spider webs or cobwebs around the home. Spiders create webs where they expect to find food. When the prey runs into the web, the spider quickly wraps them up to consume the blood.

One of the ways to do this is to turn off lights on porches and patios. Mosquitos and moths travel toward light sources and spiders go where they go. By turning lights off at night, flying pests will not stick around, encouraging spiders to move on.

Eliminate Spider Webs

Spiders often live in cracks and crevices that are dark and secluded from human danger. Use a vacuum to eliminate webs by getting the corners and furniture or other items that are seldom moved. This will likely eliminate many spiders and their eggs which are typically laid in these "safe zones" away from human threat.

In addition to existing spiders, vacuuming also helps discourage spiders from building new webs in these areas.

Repel Spiders Using Citrus Oil Spray

Organic and non-toxic, citrus oil spray can be used throughout the home to repel spiders. This natural deterrent for spiders is safe to use around children and pets and has been proven effective at keeping spiders at bay. Most of all, they don't leave a toxic residue in the home, and can even be made with products you already have in your pantry.

If these spider control methods do not work around the home, talk with your local pest exterminator about additional ways to eliminate spiders. A professional pest exterminator can help you find the spiders around your home and get rid of them more permanently.

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