5 Termite Treatments that Really Work

A pest control company can deliver termite treatments that stop a termite colony in its tracks.There are a variety of termite treatments available to eliminate termites in your home or small business. While it is always best to use a professional service, we’ve included five at-home methods that effectively eliminate the presence of termites. To find the right treatment for termites, determine if your infestation is manageable or has caused significant damage to your property. Again, if you’re having difficulty recognizing the extent of your termite problem, it’s best to call a professional instead of relying on do-it-yourself termite treatments. #1: Liquid Termite Treatments Because liquid termite products are typically sold in a pump, you can simply walk around your home and spray the product onto areas where you suspect termites. Liquid treatment for termites works to kill termites already present, as well as repel any additional termites from entering the home. Look for a product that specifically targets termites, as ant and other insect products may not be effective. #2: Borate Termite Treatments If you know where termites are attacking your home, you can apply a borate product to treat them. Borate works similar to a coat of paint, whereby you ‘paint’ it onto the wood areas of your home. Since this product effectively prevents termite infestations, it’s best to apply borate during the actual construction of your home. While it can be applied later, it is more difficult to cover all the wood in your house. If you live in an area where termite infestation is significant, this is one of the best termite treatments. #3: Bait One of the more common termite treatments is baiting. Bait is attractive to the worker termites, who then carry small amounts of the pesticides back to the colony. The trick of baiting is to make the bait appetizing enough for termites, despite their natural surroundings (i.e. tree stumps and roots, woodpiles, etc.). Oftentimes, homeowners make a mixture of cardboard, paper and other edible food, and blend it with a pesticide that is poisonous to termites. Bait needs to be placed close enough to the colony or wood damage, and the process can take several months, especially if the colony is large. #4: Termite Fumigation Another treatment for termites is fumigation. This type of treatment mostly works on dry wood termites, which are usually found in the southernmost United States region. Fumigation eliminates the entire colony of termites by using lethal gas in a spray-like form. The gas is colorless and has no odor, thus leaving behind no residue. #5: Alternative Termite Treatments If you do not want to pollute your home with chemicals, you can treat it using non-chemical based products. For example, a heat treatment may work to desiccate or dehydrate termites, using no chemicals whatsoever. More people than ever are looking for alternative treatments or ‘green’ treatments as terminates. Other options include:
  • Green fumigation products
  • Foam-based products
  • Electrocution
  • Orange oil
  • Wood replacement
Calling a Professional While many of these termite treatments can be effective, the best solution is to use a professional. Professional grade products, both chemical and non-chemical based, are highly effective at eradicating the entire colony. Do not overlook the benefit of using a professional, especially if you have a significant infestation to conquer. These five treatments for termites can be highly effective if applied correctly. You should not use all of them at one time. In addition, you should always follow the specific directions provided by the product. If in doubt, or the treatment does not work efficiently, call a professional immediately.

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