Termite Tenting: A Front-line Defense and Solution

Termite tenting is a fumigation process that envelopes a house or structure with a large nylon tent that forms a tight seal. A special gas, which is specifically designed to kill termites, is pumped inside the structure. Due to the completeness of the containment, the localized gas seeps into the deepest recesses of the structure from the foundation on up. Residents usually spend a few day away until the process is completed, whereby they can renter the residence with the assurance that the termite pests have been eradicated. For a professional termite tenting process, it is best to contact a qualified pest control company that specializes in this service.

The Termite Problem

Termites are wood-boring insects that ingest all manner of wood products which might be found in residential homes, small or large businesses, vacation cabins and even wooden boats. Termites are found in large or small colonies, consisting of workers, a queen, alates (reproducers) and soldiers. They rarely exceed ½ inch in length and possess color ranging from white (soldiers) to brownish or yellow hues. Termites have voracious appetites and can permanently damage a structure's foundation supports, weaken floors or collapse roofs. Damages to a home can be astronomically expensive if the infestation is not caught in time.

Tenting Preparation

The fumigation process can take one or two days, more if the structure has a large floorspace plan. The residents usually make plans with family or friends or find a convenient hotel. All pets, including birds, fish and other small animals are removed from the premises as well as plants. Medicines and food items are either sealed in hazardous-proof plastic bags or removed from the property. Special provisions are outlined for the protection of bedding items such as pillows and mattresses which might be covered in waterproof containers or removed.

Small trees, plants and shrubs are sometimes moved to allow walkway access for the technicians. The perimeter of the house foundation is inspected for obstructions that might hamper the anchoring of the tent. Some items might have to be temporarily removed to aid termite tenting, such as abutting fences, tall antennas, house-supported flagpoles and other projecting or blocking components. The ground next to the foundation is usually soaked to prevent plant soil contamination.


After the house items are secured or removed, several technician drape and secure a large nylon tent over the entire house. The segments of fabric are joined and sealed. A machine pump is used to force lethal gas into the structure. The fumigation gas is usually a sulfuryl fluoride that is odorless, colorless and leaves no waste residue behind. Powerful commercial fans are used to circulate the gas to any and all areas of the building. The gas pumping duration is dependent upon the size of the structure but lasts long enough to penetrate into the pores of the wood where termites live. The gas is designed to seep into the deepest and most inaccessible areas, including the attic, crawlspace area, basement and wall interiors.


When the termite tenting fumigation process concludes, the tent is removed and the house is allowed to air out naturally. The air out is sustained until the technicians use sensing meters to evaluate the condition of the air. If the air reads safe for human habitation, the occupants are allowed to reenter the property-house. Structures and components are restored to their previous locations, and an overall inspection of the house exterior and interior is performed.

Termite tenting is a serious and necessary undertaking to relieve a home or structure of a termite infestation that has gotten out of control. A pest control company has the means, know how and experience to complete the task with excellent results and perform periodic spot checks to keep the problem at bay. This site is an informative and viable resource for understanding the complexities and detriments of a termite infestation. This website will have the most revealing answers to any of your questions.

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