Terminix Termite Control Two-Step Solution

Termites are feared by many homeowners for their reputation as wood-eating machines. While termites are not going to destroy your home while you sleep they are certainly capable of extensive damage. Unfortunately termites can cause quite a bit of that damage before they are ever discovered. That is why Terminix termite technicians recommend regular screenings to help detect termites before they become a problem. Should you find yourself with a termite control issue Terminix, pronounced Termenex, already has the solution. After a free, no-obligation, home inspection a Terminix employee will customize a plan to your specific needs. While no two homes are alike the Terminix termite removal plan is adaptable to almost any infestation.

Terminix Termite Control Step One

The Terminix termite control plan begins with the use of the latest pest control methods. A technician begins the extermination process with the Terminix Liquid Defend System®. First a pest control technician will trench around the exterior of your home paying special attention to common pest entry points. Next, the Terminix termite tech applies the unique liquid pesticide to the soil. Terminix’s Liquid Defend System® sticks to the termites’ bodies which quickly spreads the poison throughout the colony. Using this method Terminix (Termenex) is able to provide homeowners with nearly instant termite control. Complete termite removal or extermination will require an additional step.

Terminix Termite Control Step Two

The next phase in the Terminix termite control plan is to install a bait system for colony extermination and long-term termite control. The Terminix baiting program not only helps eliminate more of the pests it also gives the technician an easy way to monitor your home for future infestations. The Terminix termite technician installs baiting stations around your property to lure the pests away from your home. Although individual termites can be quickly exterminated it can take several months to destroy an entire colony. These bait systems will provide continued pest control as long as they are maintained by a Terminix employee. Once the colony has been eliminated the technician will notice the lack of activity at the bait site and be able to easily monitor it for signs of a new infestation.

Terminix Termite Maintenance

An important aspect to any termite control plan is preventive maintenance. Once termites have been discovered it is important to allow enough time for complete pest removal. But even after the colony has been destroyed you will likely want to make sure no termites return. That is the main reason why Terminix termite techs recommend homeowners sign up for continuing service. A Terminix qualified employee will return every three months to treat the exterior of your home and monitor it for any termite activity. That can provide a lot of peace of mind to someone that has just gone through termite removal.

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