Terminix Exterminators Tackle the Top 10 Indoor Pests

Based on data from several pest control organizations, we have compiled this list of the most common indoor pests. With the help from some expert Terminix exterminators, you will learn a little about each creature and receive some useful prevention tips. The 10 pests listed in this article keep Terminix exterminators busy on a daily basis. Can you guess which ones they are?
  1. Mice: Let’s begin with the only mammal on the list, the common house mouse. According to qualified Terminix exterminators, mice become a nuisance during the colder months when they begin to seek refuge indoors. Since mice and their fleas can harbor diseases, learning how to prevent them is more than a tolerance issue. Terminix – sometimes misspelled as Terminx – suggests sealing any small cracks around the house and placing screens over vents to keep the mice outside.
  2. Ants: These insects are possibly the most common of all household pests since they come in so many varieties. Terminix exterminators must employ a number of pest control methods like baiting, barriers and insecticide treatments in order to put an end to ant infestations. Keeping wood piles and shrubs away from the foundation of your home can aid in the prevention of these pests.
  3. Flies: In most cases, flies will not require any special extermination techniques. Keeping a cover on trash cans and limiting the fly’s access into your home will likely be enough.
  4. Cockroaches: These dirty creatures carry diseases that make them a potentially dangerous household pest. Calling in qualified professionals like Terminix pest control is the only way to handle a true cockroach infestation. Terminix says roaches are particularly prolific and hardy pests that require the expertise of a certified technician.
  5. Termites: The bane of all Southern homeowners, termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage if allowed to infest a home. Again, hiring a professional is the only solution for this type of pest infestation. Terminix exterminators admit that termite removal is a difficult process and suggest prevention as the best line of defense. Regular termite inspections will allow homeowners to learn about a potential termite issue in its earliest and most treatable stage.
  6. Wasps: Most people think of wasps as outdoor pests, but during certain climates these insects can become quite the indoor nuisance. Because of the potential for stinging injuries, most homeowners prefer to leave wasp extermination up to someone else. If you see wasps building a nest inside a crack or hole within your home, Terminix says you should not seal in the nest. The wasps will fight their way out and possibly fly right into your home.
  7. Fleas: Pet owners know plenty about these biting pests. Terminix exterminators follow a standard, four-step flea removal process that requires a little help from the homeowner. Getting your pet on a treatment program for fleas is your part in this process. Ignoring this step will only lead to another flea infestation.
  8. Spiders: Spiders, depending on the specie, can be seen as beneficial rather than a pest. Most spiders will help keep the insect population down inside your home, providing you with free pest control. Dangerous spiders like the brown-recluse or black widow are a completely different story and require the skills of a professional. If you are unsure of the type of spider living inside your home, you can contact a Terminix exterminator for a free in-home inspection.
  9. Silverfish: These shiny insects invade your showers, tubs and sinks, but pose no real threat. If you find the silverfish intolerable, then you will have to settle for professional extermination. Silverfish are difficult to control since most of their hiding places can only be reached by a technician with the appropriate equipment.
  10. Ticks: Another pest likely thought of as an outdoor nuisance is the bloodsucking tick. Inspecting your pet regularly and being careful while working outdoors are your best prevention methods. A trim lawn is another simple solution and it has the added benefit of driving other common pests away as well.

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