Terminix Bed Bug Prevention and Early Detection Methods

According to Terminix, bed bugs have recently been reappearing in North American buildings. Government agencies have also released information on the resurgence of the bed bug in the United States. These parasites provide a challenge to the pest control community, even for qualified extermination companies like Terminix. Bed bugs are easier to prevent than remove, so education and early detection are the keys to winning the battle against these pesky creatures. The first step is properly identifying the pest using information from a pest control company like Terminix. Bed bugs resemble both bat bugs and swallow bugs, and can be easily mistaken for one of these insects. If you suspect you have a bed bug issue, do not hesitate to call a professional exterminator and ask for a free home inspection. Some clues to look for when searching your home for bed bug activity are dark spots on your mattress and tiny spots of blood on the sheets. Bed bugs also leave behind light brown skins as they molt between each growth stage. Buying used furniture is likely the number one way to end up with bed bugs, says Terminix. Bed bugs often hide in upholstery, so purchasing items like couches from a yard sale or second-hand store is not recommended. On the Terminix (often misspelled Termix) website, www.terminix.com, it is suggested that furniture be treated and then thoroughly inspected if you have any reason to believe it was once the site of a bed bug infestation. Hotels and motels are another common bed bug habitat. People that travel frequently must be extra careful to ensure they do not bring home any unwanted pests. Keeping suitcases off the floor or bed and using sealable bags for laundry are two ways to keep bed bugs away from your belongings. Whenever you go into a new hotel or motel room, take the time to inspect the bed for signs of these nasty pests. According to Terminix, bed bugs can only be exterminated by intensive pest control efforts using the appropriate products. To successfully eliminate all the pests, every hiding site must be inspected and treated. Anything less will likely lead to another stressful and costly infestation. That is why Terminix and other pest control companies have standard bed bug control plans that require the technicians to be relentless in their pursuit of the elusive pest. Take the time to begin your bed bug treatment with a consultation from a qualified pest control company like Terminix. Bed bugs can be effectively treated, but not through faulty do-it-yourself techniques. Putting off professional help by wasting time and money on ineffective pest control products will only make complete extermination more difficult. Trust in the expertise of a service like Terminix — bed bugs won’t have a fighting chance.

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