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How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs in Kansas City, Missouri

Stink bugs receive their name from the odorous liquid they emit against predators as a defense mechanism. Stink bugs can be identified by their green and brown color and are often found feeding on fruits and vegetables.

  • Stink bugs are most active from spring to fall.
  • The odorous scent stink bugs release contains the toxin cyanide.
  • Stink bugs have abdomens shaped like shields.
  • Stink bugs hibernate in the winter, making them difficult to control.
  • Stink bugs are most active from spring to fall.

Stink bugs are difficult to control without chemicals, as they tend to thrive in gardens with healthy plants. Turning off outdoor lights and sealing any cracks around the house are some ways to practice stink bug control. A professional pest control service can help you place stink bug control in your home today.

Stink Bug Control Providers

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