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How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs in Chula Vista, California

As a defense mechanism against predators, an odorous liquid is used by stink bugs, which is where their name was derived. Stink bugs are often found feeding on fruits and vegetables and easily identified by their green and brown colors.

  • The eggs of stink bugs range from yellow to yellowish-red and found on the underside of leaves.
  • Stink bugs are unable to reproduce inside buildings or homes.
  • Stink bugs are harmless to humans and only pose an annoyance in the home, not a threat.
  • Stink bugs can live up to a few years, as they are able to survive the colder seasons.
  • Once inside the home, stink bugs can raid on dried, stored goods.

Without chemicals, stink bugs can be difficult to control in gardens with healthy plants. Some ways to exercise stink bug control are by sealing any cracks around the house and turning off all outdoor lighting. Need stink bug control? Call an exterminator now and have it done immediately!

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