Spider Control Products for Even the Most Frightened Homeowner

Ant, Roach and Spider Killer by Black Flag

What is it? A spray that kills pests on contact

Does it smell? Scents include spring, pine fresh or fragrance-free

How long does it last? Up to three months

Extreme Insect Control by Garden's Guy

What is it? A powder that is made from diatomaceous earth also called Fossil Shell Flour which kills pests within 48 hours

Does it smell? Odorless

How long does it last? Remains effective as long as the powder is present

Spider & Cricket Traps by Eaton

What is it? A glue trap that is pre-baited to attract and kill spiders

Does it smell? Odorless

How long does it last? Lasts as long as there is sticky residue left and the bait is present.

Spider Blaster Spray by Raid

What is it? Spot-treating spray

Does it smell? Intense chemical scent

How long does it last? Two weeks

Non-Toxic Options

Spiders are repelled by the smell of citrus, making it a natural form of defense against spiders in the home. You can use products like Orange Guard to repel spiders and kill them on the spot.

Another non-toxic way of controlling spiders is to use a vacuum. With detachable nozzles, webs and larvae are safely eliminated from the home. There are some products specifically designed for spider control, but these are unnecessary, as standard home vacuums typically work well enough.

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