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Silverfish Extermination in Your Yonkers, New York Home

Silverfish can be quite destructive to books, papers, and other valuable items and homeowners should be sure to know how to kill silverfish. Silverfish usually lay 50 or fewer eggs at once, which will hatch in two week to two months later.

  • Silverfish get their name from their silvery blue color and from the wriggling fish-like motion they use to move
  • Interestingly, silverfish conduct a reproductive mating ritual that can last over half an hour
  • Silverfish are also called fishmoths, carpet sharks, or paramites
  • Silverfish will lay eggs at any time during the year
  • Silverfish will lay eggs at any time during the year

Because silverfish inhabit moist areas, many homes can easily become overrun with them, making discovering how to kill silverfish especially important. Silverfish can live as long as one year without eating, so even when silverfish damage is not obvious, they may be present. Don’t let silverfish ruin your papers and linens; let a pest control professional show you how to kill silverfish today!

Silverfish Control Providers

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