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Silverfish Extermination in Your Chula Vista, California Home

Fabrics, books, and photos are no match for the silverfish, and therefore homeowners need to discover how to kill silverfish before the problem spreads. Within two to eight weeks after being laid, a new generation of 50 silverfish will hatch.

  • Silverfish females usually lay fewer than 100 eggs in their lifetime
  • Not only will silverfish gnaw on fabrics, they will also leave behind a yellow stain
  • The life cycle of the silverfish from egg to adult generally takes about three or four months
  • Silverfish are nocturnal
  • Outside of homes, silverfish will live in nests of birds, under wood shingles

Because silverfish prefer moist areas, homeowners need to learn how to kill silverfish before they infest bathrooms, attics, and basements. Because silverfish can go a year without eating, they may not be able to be detected by normal methods. If you need to learn how to kill silverfish, contact the exterminator experts at a pest control company.

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