Signs of Termites? Control & Prevention Tips

[caption id="attachment_4" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Termites can cause serious damage to a home. Find out how to control these dangerous pests."]Termites can cause serious damage to a home. Find out how to control these dangerous pests.[/caption] Got termites? Control should be the first thing you do if you spot signs of these pests. Subterranean (ground) termites create mud tunnels or dirt trails that are often found near wood or at the base of cemented areas. Drywood termites, which do not require a source of water in order to exist, may form small, sand-like, rounded grains of wood in mounds; they can be found near windowsills or even by joints and cracks in your home's woodworking. With termites, pest control is an absolute necessity; otherwise, they will continue to destroy your home.

You Found Them, Now What?

Once they’ve been located in your home or nearby, you need to effectively and efficiently get rid of termites. Pest control service from a professional company is usually the best way to eliminate the problem altogether; however, the following are a few tips you can try on your own to get rid of termites. Control (and prevention, for that matter) should be an ongoing process—not just something that takes place after the infestation occurs.
  1. With termites, control using baits might be the best alternative for do-it-yourself pest control. A number of termite bait products are available on the market, or you can make it yourself using ingredients like tree stumps, tree roots and woodpiles. Termite bait works by luring the termites into feeding on the bait, which is also comprised of pesticides; they eventually carry it back to their colonies, poisoning all of them.
  2. Some forms of insecticides are available to treat termites; control them easily by using sprays and topical applications on the area where you suspect an infestation. These products kill termites on contact.
  3. Termite repellents are also available and relatively effective, although nothing is better than using a professional pest control company.
Unfortunately, there are mixed reviews on how well any of the aforementioned treatment methods work. If they are applied in the area in due time, they can curb the growth of the termite colony and stop them from further damaging your home. To be effective, you must directly target the termites by locating the colony or using a product that will be carried by the workers back to their colony. Termite pest control takes diligent work and dedication to eliminate the entire colony.

Calling a Professional for Termites – Control Them Immediately

Another option is to contact a professional to manage the termites for you. With termites, pest control products are more effective the first time they are applied. They are also able to provide you with a longer lasting benefit by killing any eggs, thus preventing the termites from resurging.

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