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Fremont, California Scorpion Control: How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Knowing how to get rid of scorpions is important, as these pests are found in just about every habitat in the world. While these pests are quite scary looking, only 25 of the described 1,400 species of scorpion are dangerous to humans.

  • Bark scorpions are one of the only species of scorpions that are good climbers
  • Bark scorpions are one of the only breeds that come together in large groups, typically 20 to 30, to winter together
  • Scorpions can actually control the amount of venom that they inject, so each sting is not equal
  • Scorpions derive most of their water from the food that they consume
  • Young scorpions grow by occasionally shedding their exoskeleton

As the life span of the scorpion is one of the longest, homeowners need to ensure that they know how to get rid of scorpions as soon as they discover a problem. Insects, mice, small arthropods, and small lizards are not safe from the venomous, paralysis-inducing sting of the scorpion. A professional pest control service will know how to get rid of scorpions safely; call now!

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