Rules on How to Kill Mice Effectively

When you spot a mouse in your home, your instinct may be to attack and kill on the spot. While this tactic can definitely work, there a number of reasons why it’s also not the best course of action. Follow these rules on how to kill mice effectively so that you can avoid the disastrous results of getting rid of these festering rodents.

Mouse Trap

Mice are always on the go, looking for new places to live and different thing to feed on. What better way to kill them than sealing them in a single, confined space? Granted, mice can chew their way out of almost anywhere, but confining them to a single location helps you consolidate the amount of pesticides and traps needed to kill off the entire pack.

Seal entry points with a caulking gun, cements, or other liquid hardening material on your wall. Some homeowners have even tried mixing these substances with pesticides to further prevent mice from chewing through them. If this doesn’t work, set up snap traps with a piece of sticky food (peanut butter is a good one) and watch as the snapping metal trap captures and kills mice on the spot.

One thing to remember in knowing how to kill mice is that they will go anywhere there is food. The crumbs you leave on the floor, the unwiped counters after making dinner – these are all potential food sources for mice to go after. Clean up these areas and you’ll start seeing how quickly mice will move on.

Consistent Application

Despite the prevailing notion that mice are stubborn pests, they can actually take a hint when it’s obvious enough. Spraying the corners of ceilings and floors with intense pesticides used in mice control, as well as placing baits around their entry points, will send a signal to the mice colony that they are not welcome. Homeowners need to be consistent though, as it usually takes a few cycles before they get the message that they should move elsewhere.

Don’t Underestimate

The biggest thing homeowners overlook when trying to enactpest control against mice is that they are more resilient and numerous than they seem. Mice are prolific breeders that quickly populate whichever area they live in, thus the unfortunate fact that finding one indicates there are plenty more elsewhere. Keeping this in mind can help you better understand the scope of the situation before diving into a permanent solution to get rid of mice around your home once and for all.

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