Rodent Pest Control: Get Your Home Back!

Rodent pest control can't be put off. Not only do rodents carry diseases, but they are dirty little creatures. Oftentimes, rats come out from hiding at night and run throughout the home, leaving droppings behind while raiding the home of food. While they can't get into your refrigerator, they most definitely will take over the rest of the home if you let them. Rodent pest control should be your top priority if these pests have entered your home. There are several key reasons to get help right away.
  1. Rodents reproduce quickly; your home can easily become overrun by them in a matter of months.
  2. Most activity occurs at night, which is why you don't often hear it since you are sleeping.
  3. Rodents can cause damage to many areas, including gnawing through sheet metal, insulation and drywall.
Luckily, while a rodent infestation is small, you can effectively eliminate it. Most of the time, rodents will not move very far from their nest. They are unlikely to be throughout the home, but they can spread as their population increases. This is why mouse and rat extermination must take place as soon as possible.

Tips for Rodent Pest Control

You can do several things to eliminate rodents from your home. The more extermination methods you use, the more likely you are to experience success.
  • First, remove any sources of food they may be able to obtain. Store your food in containers that they cannot get into, such as a cooler, until the problem is gone.
  • Baiting and trapping rats and mice is the best form of rodent pest control. They are quite easily captured this way.
  • Consider baits that are readily available, since many products work well. Your options will include bait blocks, pellets or seeds. You may need to try more than one option until you find the bait product they are interested in.
  • As you work on baiting and capturing, use gloves to clean up any nesting areas you find. This should include a sanitation process, which will keep the animals from returning to the area. Remove any and all of the hiding places you can during this process.
  • Keep a clean home--even small particles of food left around will encourage the rats or mice to move on to find a new home. You want the only source of food to be that which is located in the bait and traps you have set.
Do-it-yourself rodent pest control can be effective, but there are times when you will need the call on the help of a professional pest control company. If the rat extermination problem is large, or you suspect it has taken over your entire home, don't wait another minute to call a pest specialist. Get back control of your home with rodent pest control--don't let them win!

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