Top Methods for Roach Extermination

If you've ever run into roaches in your home, you know how tough they can be to get rid of. Roaches rarely come out during the day and quickly scuttle off when the lights are turned on. Not only that, they have gradually become immune to conventional pesticides, making them even more challenging to eliminate.

It’s highly likely that one roach is an indicator of several more. Try one of the following top methods for roach extermination and get rid of the high-breeding pest on your own:

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a powerful chemical that can be safely sprinkled around your home to prevent roaches and other pests from infesting. As it only reacts when consumed by the roach, it should be placed in areas where roaches frequent for food. The best part is that it can be spread just about anywhere, including entryways, cracks, crevices, pantries, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Although boric acid is generally safe to use, its application should be done with caution in homes with children and pets, as it can get accidentally ingested. Follow the directions labeled on the package for the best use.

Roach Traps

Sometimes referred to as “roach motels”, roach traps contain poisons that lure roaches and kill them upon contact. It can also contain delayed-activation attributes that hold the poison until the roach has returned to its colony and spreads it around.

Some roach traps are made of glue to trap roaches as they cross the floor, but these may need to be paired with other traps to successfully capture roaches. In addition, roach trap placements need to be strategized more carefully to make sure it covers everywhere roaches are entering from.

Roach Sprays

Roach sprays are one of the easiest and most effective tools for combating roaches. They can also be purchased virtually anywhere, making them one of the most readily available forms of roach extermination.

While roach sprays can quickly kill, it may not necessarily eliminate the problem of an infestation. Roaches prefer dark and damp environments, making them hard to reach, so you end up killing the few errant ones that emerge for one reason or another. Also, since roaches rapidly become immune to conventional pesticide sprays, you may find yourself constantly purchasing new (and possible more toxic) roach sprays that kill them directly on contact.

Call a Professional

If the above methods have failed in keeping roaches away, it may be time to call a local pest exterminator for a more permanent solution to roach extermination. Not only can they help you identify key areas where roaches are thriving, but they can develop strategies that fix your home and stop attracting roaches to it.

Roaches are not only annoying and unsightly; they can also pose some health risks. Some roaches carry diseases that can be transferred to whatever they come into contact with. Keep your family and pets safe by using solid roach extermination methods that not only work now, but long into the future.

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