Roach Control Products- The Best Sprays, Foams and Traps

Catching The Impossible

Nothing can spin a homeowner into action faster than detecting a single cockroach. And one little roach should send a homeowner running for cockroach control products. Roaches can reproduce at an unbelievably high rate, hiding in crevices that seem impossible. They are also adverse to light and will scurry away when a dark room is lighted. Roaches have long thin antennas with brown, hard shelled outer bodies, giving them a creep factor that turns the stomach of many homeowners. Roaches also prefer to hang out in areas near garbage adding to their disgust factor. They have an extraordinary ability to resist attempts to be exterminated making trapping and killing them a potentially difficult effort for homeowners.

Killing Roaches Quickly

There is no shortage of options for roach control products. The difficulty is finding one that will work for a homeowner’s situation. Some products are powders that are effective, but messy to apply and can be a potential hazard for small children or pets. Others are traps that have to be monitored and emptied. There are also roach control products that can kill a single roach immediately or it can be a poison that the roach carries with them and eventually spreads to the entire nest. Homeowners facing a roach problem can choose from the following highly effective products to help immediately start exterminating cockroaches:
    Quick Kill Formula Small Roach Traps by Combat
  • Active chemical is fipronil which can kill cockroaches by simply being touched or else being ingested
  • Product works for 6 months
  • Traps are intended for smaller roaches
    Hot Shot MaxAttrax by Ultra
  • A fast acting cockroach killing gel
  • One of the most effective products to exterminate roaches in hard to reach locations such as cracks and crevices
  • Most active ingredient is boric acid which has a minimum hazardous level
    UltraSonic PestChaser by Victor
  • A plug in device that uses high frequency sounds to repel roaches as well as other small pests
  • Safe for use around people and non-rodent pets
  • No chemicals used
The effective use of a cockroach control product will depend on the homeowners infestation problems. The high frequency roach repellent can be effective but it can also cause roaches to continue to live in other areas of a home. The gel product by ultra is fast acting but is not necessarily non-toxic. Homeowners should be sure to read all of the instructions with their roach control product to ensure it will be the most effective for their living area.

Taking the Good with the Bad

The difficulty with roach control products is finding one that can work with a homeowner’s situation. Some homeowners have children or small pets that can make it dangerous to use certain types of products. The following roach exterminating products have some positives as well as negatives that a homeowner should consider before applying:
    Boric Acid Insecticidal Dust Positives:
  • The product is a dust that can be easily spread near roach entry points, near areas roaches frequent or in traps
  • The powder is low cost and is created from borax which can be readily found in the environment
  • The product is not non-toxic
  • The dust can be messy for use in living areas and is generally best for places where people will not come into contact with it
    Roach Motel by Black Flag Positives:
  • A contained cockroach killing system that will hide the dead bugs from view
  • The product has a long effective life of 2-4 months depending on the type selected
  • No poison is used
  • Homeowners need to monitor the product for how many roaches it attracts
  • Finding the right location for the trap can take several different tries
  • The product is only effective for low to moderate infestations

Stopping Cockroaches at the Source

Eliminating a roach problem often involves cleaning up the source of the issue. Cleaning up areas of garbage or moist areas such as water that might be underneath a sink can be a start. But the eggs of a roach are a far bigger problem. There are products specifically designed to help exterminate roach eggs such as the Roach Trap and Egg Stop by Raid. The product sterilizes roaches and can actually cause existing eggs to stop developing. The product is also safe for use around children and pets. Finding the right cockroach control product starts with finding the right one and continues with acting fast. Cockroaches can be tough to exterminate for homeowners, making it possible that more than one type of roach control product may be required to completely eliminate a homeowner’s pest problem.

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