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Rat Control in Miami, Florida

Rats can be difficult pests to eradicate, and homeowners should look into how to get rid of rats as soon as a problem is discovered. Fresh rat droppings or recently gnawed furniture may be the only sign homeowners have of a growing rat infestation.

  • The three most important elements in rat infestation prevention are sanitation, proper construction, and population control
  • Young rats have been known to squeeze into spaces through a ½ inch gap
  • The only areas in the world without brown rats are the Antarctic, the Arctic, Canada’s Alberta province, parts of New Zealand, and some exceptionally isolated islands
  • The brown rat can range in color from brown to dark gray
  • The three most important elements in rat infestation prevention are sanitation, proper construction, and population control

As rats can quite easily gnaw their way into homes, homeowners need to know best how to get rid of rats once they arrive. Rats spread serious diseases like plague and typhus to humans, and have been for centuries. Contact a professional pest control company to find out how to get rid of rats safely.

Rat Control Providers

505 NW 103RD STREET, FL 33150
A Armadillo Animal Control Miami
FL 33157
A Attack Flea
6017 SW 14th St West Miami, FL 33144
A New World Pest Control
10661 N Kendall Dr Miami, FL 33176
A Plus Svc Inc
10900 SW 91st St Miami, FL 33176
A Safe Pest Eliminator Inc
11338 SW 158th Pl Miami, FL 33196
A Safe Pest Eliminators Inc
2355 Salzedo St Coral Gables, FL 33134
A- Vanish Pest Control
12172 SW 131st Ave Miami, FL 33186
A-1 Bug Killers
1614 NW 188th Ter Miami, FL 33169
A-1 Killer Exterminators
402 SW 33rd Ave Miami, FL 33135
Aaron Pest Control
1875 NW 79th St Miami, FL 33147
Ace Pest Control
10055 SW 72nd St Miami, FL 33173
Action Pest Control
9940 SW 40th St Miami, FL 33165
Action Pest Control Inc
PO Box 650115 Miami, FL 33265
Active Pest Control
645 NW 128th St North Miami, FL 33168
Active Pest Control Inc
645 NW 128th St Miami, FL 33168
Advanced Pest Solutions
14539 SW 107th Ter Miami, FL 33186
Advantage Pest Control Inc
8425 SW 121st St Miami, FL 33156
Aerotech Pest Control
17131 NW 9th Pl Miami, FL 33169
Al-Flex Exterminators
4035 SW 98th Ave Miami, FL 33165
Al-Flex Exterminators Inc
PO Box 650213 Miami, FL 33265
All County Exterminators
10749 SW 51st Dr Miami, FL 33165
All County Exterminators Inc
14025 SW 142nd Ave Ste 47 Miami, FL 33186
All Dade Exterminators Inc
13205 SW 137th Ave # 123 Miami, FL 33186
All Green Chemical Inc
14311 SW 142nd St Miami, FL 33186
All In One Property Svc Inc
1680 NE 125th St North Miami, FL 33181
All Management Solutions
19781 SW 84th Ave Miami, FL 33189
All Pest & Termite Fumagation
14746 SW 43rd Way Miami, FL 33185
All Pest Control Services Inc
PO Box 527263 Miami, FL 33152
All Pest Controll
PO Box 940686 Miami, FL 33194
Allen Pest Control Inc
1950 NE 207th St Miami, FL 33179
Allied Pest Management Inc
13313 SW 124th St Miami, FL 33186
Allstate Exterminating Co
PO Box 693267 Miami, FL 33269
Alpha Exterminators Inc
3421 SW 100th Ave Miami, FL 33165
American Falcon Inc
253 NW 31st St Miami, FL 33127
American Pest Mgmt Syst
10635 SW 200th St Miami, FL 33157
Amstar Pest Control Inc
11401 SW 41st St Miami, FL 33165
Amstar Pest Control Inc
PO Box 654354 Miami, FL 33265
Animal Busters
PO Box 162742 Miami, FL 33116
Animal Control & Removal
11395 SW 89th Ave Miami, FL 33176
Animal Control Information
7975 SW 155th St Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Animal Control Svc Miami
FL 33186
Apex Termite & Pest Control
12991 SW 132nd Ct Miami, FL 33186
Art By God
401 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33132
Atak 2000 The Pest Control
15032 SW 96th Ter Miami, FL 33196
B & B Pest Control
12925 SW 111th Ave Miami, FL 33176
BBR Pest Elimination Inc
12303 SW 27th St Miami, FL 33175
Bennett Pest Control
2988 SW 4th St Miami, FL 33135
Best Pest Control
10420 SW 50th Ter Miami, FL 33165
BR Pest Control
11540 SW 186th St Miami, FL 33157
Brazos International Inc
220 NE 148th St Miami, FL 33161
Bug Buster’s Inc
14055 SW 142nd Ave # 40 Miami, FL 33186
Bug Killers Inc
1885 Ne 149th St Miami, FL 33181
Bug Patrol Inc
PO Box 970425 Miami, FL 33197
Bug Stop Inc Miami
FL 33138
Bugman VIP Service Inc
6451 SW 43rd St Miami, FL 33155
Bugnet Pest Control
17415 S Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33157
C Z & V Enterprises Corp
5582 NW 112th Ct Doral, FL 33178
Caliber Pest Solutions
9800 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL 33150
Care Pest Management
12032 SW 132nd Ct Miami, FL 33186
CJS Pest Exterminator Inc
11501 SW 47th Ter Miami, FL 33165
Classic Pest Control
1135 SW 13th St Miami, FL 33129
Combate Corp
1491 S Miami Ave Miami, FL 33130
Complaint Free Pest Control Miami
FL 33169
Cutler Pest Control
9441 SW 192nd Dr Miami, FL 33157
Darn Quick Trmt & Fumigation
7471 NW 8th St Miami, FL 33126
Delma Pest Control Miami
FL 33122
Delta Pest Control Co Inc
8310 SW 43rd St Miami, FL 33155
Dependable Exterminators
8985 SW 41st Ter Miami, FL 33165
Devesa Exterminating Corp
1351 Ne 145th St Miami, FL 33161
Devesa Exterminating Corp
1957 NE 147th St North Miami, FL 33181
Doc Holliday
1390 NE 132ND ST Miami, FL 33161
Dolphin Exterminating Co
7902 NW 67th St Miami, FL 33166
East Way Pest Control
8490 SW 86th Ct Miami, FL 33143
Eastern Exterminating
930 NW 144th St Miami, FL 33168
Easy Way Pest Control
1843 NW 93rd Ave Doral, FL 33172
Economic Pest Control Inc
14055 SW 142nd Ave # 30 Miami, FL 33186
Effective Pest Elimination Inc
PO Box 640183 Miami, FL 33164
Elite Pest Control Inc
PO Box 441559 Miami, FL 33144
Excel Pest Control Inc
20781 SW 128th Ave Miami, FL 33177
Excelag Corp DRAWER
9130 S DADELAND Miami, FL 33156
Extra Exterminators
PO Box 652207 Miami, FL 33265
Family Pest Control Miami
FL 33176
Family Pest Control Miami I
10977 SW 73rd Ter Miami, FL 33173
8300 SW 162nd St Miami, FL 33157
Flea Attack
6017 SW 14th St Miami, FL 33144
Flea Attack Pest Control Svc
1010 Falcon Ave Miami Springs, FL 33166
Florida Environmental Extrmntr
13117 NW 6th Ter Miami, FL 33182
Global Pest Control & Lawncare
12530 SW 22nd Ter Miami, FL 33175
Gluz Exterminator Corp
PO Box 441200 Miami, FL 33144
Guarantee Floridian Pest Cntrl
12540 SW 130th St # 1 Miami, FL 33186
Guarentee Floridian
12540 SW 130th St Ste 1 Miami, FL 33186
H & H Remodeling Svc Inc
13443 SW 152nd Ln # 1604 Miami, FL 33177
Heat Wave Thermal Pest
159 Madeira Ave Coral Gables, FL 33134
High Tech Pest Elimination
1980 Ne 180th St Miami, FL 33162
High Tech Pest Elimination
1980 NE 180th St North Miami Bch, FL 33162
Home Quality Inspectors & Svc
2260 SW 139th Pl Miami, FL 33175
Homeowner’s Pest Control
8903 SW 178th Ter Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Homeowners Pest Control Inc
8903 SW 178th Ter Miami, FL 33157
Inter City Exterminators
1120 SW 134th Pl Miami, FL 33184
Inter-City Exterminators
180 NW 183rd St Miami, FL 33169
Intercontinental Home Inspctn
345 NW 170th St North Miami Bch, FL 33169
J & A Tenting Fumigation
7109 SW 44th St Miami, FL 33155
J C Pest Control Miami
FL 33165
J M Pest Control Inc
13615 SW 74th Ave Palmetto Bay, FL 33158
Jay Baldwin’s Moonlighting
11350 SW 45th St Miami, FL 33165
JC Pest Control Inc
4140 SW 111th Ave Miami, FL 33165
Jeff’s Lawn Spray Inc
20547 Old Cutler Rd Miami, FL 33189
Johnson & Burton Pest Control
6820 NW 75th St Medley, FL 33166
Johnson & Burton Pest Control
6820 NW 75th St Miami, FL 33166
K Kare Svc Inc
20547 Old Cutler Rd # 212 Miami, FL 33189
Kendall Pest Control
11700 SW 186th St Miami, FL 33177
King & I Pest Central Svc Inc
PO Box 1601 Miami, FL 33137
Krypton Pest Control Co
2301 SW 100th Ave Miami, FL 33165
Lawn Spray Svc
6000 SW 94th Ave Miami, FL 33173
Leader Pest Control Inc
4550 NW 6th St Miami, FL 33126
Loco Mouse Co
893 NW 123rd CT Miami, FL 33182
Low Cost Service Inc
PO Box 650173 Miami, FL 33265
Magic Pest Control
PO Box 650711 Miami, FL 33265
Marlin Exterminating
7003 N Waterway Dr Miami, FL 33155
Master Exterminator
2491 NW 7th St Miami, FL 33125
Mercury Pest Control Inc
10300 SW 72nd St Miami, FL 33173
Miami Exterminators
6405 NW 36th St Virginia Gardens, FL 33166
Miami Nice Pest Control
1690 NW 121st St Miami, FL 33167
Miami Nice Pest Control
1690 NW 121st St North Miami, FL 33167
Michelin Termite Svc Co
7254 NW 34th St Miami, FL 33122
Mold Detection Svc
3550 Biscayne Blvd # 400 Miami, FL 33137
Mother Earth Envmtl Pest Svcs
7625 SW 18th St Miami, FL 33155
Munroe Inspection & Extrmntng
580 NE 131st St North Miami, FL 33161
Natural Resources Pest Contrl
10756 Ne 4th Ave Miami, FL 33161
Natural Resources Pest Control
10756 NE 4th Ave North Miami, FL 33161
O Range Services
9951 SW 20th St Miami, FL 33165
Oliver Exterminating Corp
658 NW 99th St Miami, FL 33150
Omega Exterminators
8550 W Flagler St Miami, FL 33144
Omni Pest Control Inc
PO Box 650411 Miami, FL 33265
O-Range Pest Control Inc
2710 NW 44th St Miami, FL 33142
Orion Pest Control Inc
19670 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33169
Orvin Pest Control Inc
16641 SW 145th Ct Miami, FL 33177
Palmetto Pest Control Co
16240 SW 88th Avenue Rd Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
PAR Pest Control
5321 SW 89th Pl Miami, FL 33165
Pazitive Pest Control
5900 SW 47th St Miami, FL 33155
Pazitive Pest Control Inc
PO Box 557705 Miami, FL 33255
Pesky Critters Wildlife Cntrl
16510 SW 109th Ave Miami, FL 33157
Pest Free Svc
10731 SW 102nd Ave Miami, FL 33176
Pest Management Authority
PO Box 571085 Miami, FL 33257
Pest Police Exterminating Inc
99 NW 47th Ct Miami, FL 33126
Pest Stop Inc
270 Linwood Dr Miami, FL 33166
Pest Stop Inc
270 Linwood Dr Miami Springs, FL 33166
Pestrol Inc
3701 SW 142nd Ave Miami, FL 33175
Pet Limo & Humane Removal Svc
13876 SW 56th St # 105 Miami, FL 33175
Pextex Pest Control Miami
FL 33133
Pierce Pest Control Inc
10835 SW 89th St Miami, FL 33176
Power Exterminators Inc
8815 SW 129th St Miami, FL 33176
Premier Services
7240 SW 39th Miami, FL 33155
Professional Pest Solutions
2105 W Flagler St Miami, FL 33135
Purdy Soil Compaction Svc North Miami Bch
FL 33162
Quality Fumigation Inc
970 Perrine Ave Miami, FL 33157
Ramos One Way Exterminator
8798 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33174
Rid Tech Pest Control Inc
10615 SW 132nd Ct Miami, FL 33186
Rodi Pest Control
9745 SW 72nd St # 114f Miami, FL 33173
Rodi Pest Control Inc
9745 Sunset Dr Ste 114f Miami, FL 33173
Roney Pest Control
2436 NW 35th St Miami, FL 33142
Rti Services Inc
10850 SW 113th Pl Ste 210 Miami, FL 33176
Safeguard Pest Control
2767 NE 208th Ter Aventura, FL 33180
Santiano Brothers Inc
10739 SW 104th St Miami, FL 33176
Sears Termite & Pest Control
12015 SW 144th St Miami, FL 33186
Sensortech Systems Inc
10261 SW 132nd Ave Miami, FL 33186
Service Master LP
505 NW 103rd St Miami, FL 33150
Sharp Shot Inc
6963 SW 151ST ST Miami, FL 33158
Sharp Shot Pest Control Inc
6963 SW 151st St Palmetto Bay, FL 33158
Sierra Pest Control
13365 NW 8th St Miami, FL 33182
SJF Pest Control Inc
1655 NE 183rd St Miami, FL 33179
Sjf Pest Control Inc
1814 Ne Miami Gardens Dr Miami, FL 33179
Southeast Pest Management
344 SW 134th Ct Miami, FL 33184
Spray Rite Inc
10240 SW 56th St # 112b Miami, FL 33165
13131 SW 122nd Ave Miami, FL 33186
Sterling Exterminators
12925 SW 14th St Miami, FL 33184
Stingers Pest Control Inc
1155 SW 67th Ave West Miami, FL 33144
Suncoast Pest Control
2729 NW 79th Ave Doral, FL 33122
Sunrise Pest Control Corp
11332 SW 70th Ter Miami, FL 33173
Super Pest Control Inc
7503 NW 8th St Miami, FL 33126
Superior Plus Pest Control
3355 SW 109th Ct Miami, FL 33165
Target Pest Control Corp
PO Box 558635 Miami, FL 33255
Term Pest Inspection Inc
12490 NE 7th Ave # 206 North Miami, FL 33161
Termite & Fumigation Div
13049 SW 133rd Ct Miami, FL 33186
Termite and Fumigation Div
PO Box 960537 Miami, FL 33296
Termite Control Svc
8777 SW 134th St Miami, FL 33176
Termite Doctor
5379 NW 7th St Miami, FL 33126
Termite Specialist
15350 SW 23rd St Miami, FL 33185
Termpest Inspection Services
PO Box 1342 Miami, FL 33153
Tiger Pest Control Co Inc
15155 NW 7th Ave 6 Miami, FL 33169
TNT Power Exterminators Inc
11930 SW 179th Ter Miami, FL 33177
Trapper John Rodent Speclist
115 Alhambra Cir Miami, FL 33134
Truly Nolen Pest Control
PO Box 560967 Miami, FL 33256
US Pest Control Systems Inc
11321 W Flagler St Miami, FL 33174
USA Pest Control Inc
PO Box 570134 Miami, FL 33257
Valle Pest Control Inc
11557 SW 64th St APT F Miami, FL 33173
Wench & Pest Inc
2052 Ne 121st Rd Miami, FL 33181