A Room By Room Guide to Pests- Terminix Pest Control Advice

Even the cleanest, most well-maintained home will contain some sort of pest. Terminix provides pest control services to rid your home of creatures from aphids to termites and everything in-between. Below is a Terminex pest list categorized by rooms. Take a look and see if any of these creepy-crawlies are hiding inside your house.


The kitchen is the mostly likely place to find a pest. Terminix representatives will often begin their home inspection in this room. Cockroach: These pests love moisture so the cabinet under your leaky sink is the perfect place to call home. Roaches also prefer to live close to a food source. Tiny crumbs and leftover pet food make quite a meal for this hungry pest. Terminix recommends having a well-devised extermination plan if you hope to completely remove this insect. Ants: Most ants prefer sugar to any other food source. Countertops often have spills of sweet liquids or other sugary items that draw the ants in and keep them fed. Beetles: These insects have strong mouths and can chew through ordinary boxes found in the pantry. A Terminex pest specialist may suggest keeping grains and cooking materials in plastic containers. Doing so will provide a helpful barrier between the beetles and your food.


There are plenty of pests that thrive in a moist environment. Terminex pest treatment usually centers around the following three bathroom invaders. House Centipede: Most people believe this insect makes its way indoor via the plumbing. In truth, the house centipede is simply attracted by the wet conditions found in tubs and showers. Once the pest climbs in they usually get stuck, making people believe they came in through the drain. Silverfish: This shiny insect loves the water that pools around your drains. They fed off of mold and starches, requiring little food to survive. Terminix says silverfish are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, but can be kept under control with professional extermination methods.


Your bedroom can be a safe haven for many different pests, but the insect most people are concerned with is the bed bug. Bed bug: Shivers may run down your spine at the very thought of this dirty pest. Terminix lists these bugs as parasites since they feed off the blood of humans. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eradicate once they have taken hold of a home. Taking care while traveling and keeping a look out for any early bed bug activity is your best plan of action.

General Household Pests

For these next few creatures, any room in your home is fine, so long as it provides the right environment and plenty of food. Terminex pest control lists the following four pests among the most common household nuisances. Fleas: If you have pets there is a good chance you will eventually have fleas. Pet bedding is the first place to look when you think you have a budding flea infestation. Lots of soapy water and a trip to the veterinarian could be enough to eliminate a minor flea problem. Termites: Professional pest control companies devote a great deal of man power to the elimination of this pest. Terminix works with homeowners to not only eliminate, but hopefully prevent termites from infiltrating a home. The damage that can be caused by termites is what makes this pest a frequent target for extermination. Mice: Until now all of the pests discussed have been members of the insect family. Mice are rodents and require very different extermination methods. Mice can live inside a home, taking refuge in a basement or making a nest inside a piece of upholstered furniture. If you think you have an issue with this pest, Terminix can provide a workable solution.

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