Organic Mosquito Control - Green Ways to Avoid Getting Bitten!

Go Natural

Mosquitoes are a type of pest that almost everyone has come across at one time or another. Sometimes they can be spotted zipping along in the air and other times they are found on the palm of a hand after smacking an arm or leg. Because mosquitoes are so common and attracted to humans, using an organic mosquito control method is one of the best ways to keep family members and pets safe. There are green pest control methods that are intended to be used in the area attracting mosquitoes, while others are meant to be applied directly to the skin. By selecting the right organic pest control method, homeowners can remain bite-free and enjoy their outdoor space. There are many do-it-yourself mosquito repellents that can be made at home, or there are commercially available organic products designed specifically to ward off these blood-sucking pests.

Pest Control from the Kitchen

Organic mosquito control can start in the kitchen. Many green pest control solutions are created with items people would otherwise eat if they were not blending them into a mosquito deterrent. The following do-it-yourself natural pest control methods can help keep the mosquitoes away:
  • A spray mixture of apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and eucalyptus oil can be created to naturally repel mosquitoes. It is safe to spray on skin and has no toxins that can affect food.
  • Thai Lemon Grass has a citronella type of oil similar to the standard citronella. Applying the actual plant oils directly from the lemon grass stalk to the skin will help to repel mosquitoes.
  • Garlic that has been liquefied is known to be a great repellent for mosquitoes. (It can also be a great repellent for warding off a bad date, great aunt or an unwelcomed backyard party crasher!)

Don't Try This at Home

Homeowners looking to steer mosquitoes away from their backyards sometimes unintentionally do far more harm than good. One of the common mistakes a homeowner makes is using products for purposes they were not intended. A mosquito skin repellent will not be nearly strong enough to cover an outdoor area. Alternatively, homeowners should never apply an outdoor pesticide directly to skin. Many pesticides actually have explicit directions about limiting any skin contact. Carefully keeping mosquito control products out of the reach of children is just as important as keeping other cleaning products and toxins at a safe distance. Whether an organic product is homemade or purchased in a store, it typically has a shelf life that will impact its effectiveness. Pest control products can also be impacted by the elements they are exposed to such as heat, cold and moisture. It is important to be sure the product has been properly stored to ensure it is effective. And certainly homeowners wouldn’t want to test out how effective their mosquito control is while they are attempting to entertain or spend an evening out in the backyard.

Green Market

For homeowners looking to find green pest control products for mosquitoes, there are many options that are directly aimed at the flying pests. Other products actually have a standard use, with a side effect of being a natural mosquito control option. Some of the best organic pest control products include:
  • Citronella-based candles and oils are a natural, aromatic repellent for mosquitoes. The products can be used on their own or may be found in personal mosquito repellent products that are safe for application to skin and clothing.
  • Buy catnip plants and place around home gardens. The plants actually flower with beautiful, delicate blue flowers but are a known repellent of mosquitoes.
  • Choose marigolds to flower your garden. In addition to consuming blood proteins, mosquitoes also consume nectar. However, mosquitoes tend to steer clear of the yellow, orange and brown blossoms of marigold plants.
Choosing the right product will depend on the specific area where the homeowner is intending to apply organic mosquito control. Completely eliminating mosquitoes is nearly impossible, but minimizing the exposure and reducing the chance of getting bit with effective natural pest control products can be a safe and effective option.

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