Tips for Organic Mice Control

Organic mice control may seem counterintuitive, but it's definitely possible to get rid of mice without using toxic pesticides. Today, there a number of organically-based products for controlling and getting rid of mice in your home, all while remaining environmentally safe.

Try these organically-focused tips for getting rid of mice around your home:

Peppermint and Mothballs

Strangely, peppermint leaves and mothballs are great ways to repel mice from inside and outside the home. Simply place them in areas where mice are likely to enter, such as windowsills, the attic, basement, and corners of rooms. Check on them periodically to make sure they remain potent and replace them if they start to decay.

You can also grow peppermint plants in the backyard garden or keep small pots of it growing near your windowsill in the kitchen, another location mice frequently enter from.

Cornmeal and Dry Cement Powder

Cornmeal and dry cement powder can be mixed together to create an environmentally-friendly form of mouse poison. When mice consume the cornmeal and then ingest water, the cement powder will solidify on the inside, ultimately poisoning and killing them. This method may be better executed to treat mice outside the home, in case you'd rather not have dead mice lying around indoors.

Greased Bowl

Grease the inside of a large bowl with cooking oil and place a piece of cheese in the center with a greased ramp-like apparatus leading to a piece of cheese or peanut butter ball. Once the mouse has been lured in by the food item, it will be able to get in the bowl, but not out. By trapping it in, you can keep it alive and release it elsewhere.

This technique seems to require more work than necessary, but it's quite organic in its method as it lacks toxic chemicals and uses a more humane killing mechanism.


Another great option for organically repelling mice is to use granules scented with cat or dog urine. Though slightly unconventional, it's been proven that mice will stray from anything they sense has been tainted by a potential predator. You can find the products and purchase them at most garden supply centers.

Practice Caution

Just because some mice control treatments are considered organic does not mean they are free of their own risks. While some methods may be safer than others, you should think twice if you have pets or children. Techniques involving ingestible pieces like granules or peppermint leaves.

Also, keep in mind that unlike organic mice control treatments, mice carry diseases and bacteria, so use gloves and basic sanitation methods for proper disposal of dead mice.

If none of the above tips have worked in fixing your mice problem, call a professional pest exterminator to take control of the situation and rid of your house of the destructive rodent.

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