Organic Flea Control Methods

Fleas are a common pest problem that almost all households with beloved pets have encountered at least once. There is no way you're going to get rid of Fluffy just to eliminate your flea problem. Furthermore, there is no way you're going to expose yourself and your family to the carcinogens present in flea collars and powders.

Fortunately, there are still organic ways to practice flea control and flea prevention. With these healthy and chemical free methods, you can be your own flea control expert.

Common Organic Flea Control Tricks

If you suspect that your home may be infested with fleas, a simple test can help to verify your suspicions without a pest control provider. Fill a plate with soap water. Shine a light onto the water from a lamp or even glow sticks. Because fleas are attracted to warmth and humidity, they will be attracted to the soapy water that is a weak insecticide. If you see that the plate is full of dead fleas, your suspicions were indeed correct. This test-method can be continued and used as a flea trap to kill off adult fleas.

Specific Organic Methods

In addition to light traps, there are a number of herbal methods that all flea control experts must know. Be sure to repeat the chosen treatments weekly as a flea prevention method to kill eggs that may have hatched.

Fleas dislike citrus scented oils and the scent of herbs such as cedar, thyme, basil, and mint. Use a drop of one of these essential oils and put it in your pet's sleeping and play area to deter fleas.

Mix 4 ounces of vinegar or alcohol with about 24 ounces of soap water. Spray the solution on the carpet, let it dry, then vacuum and dispose of the bag immediately. You can add a boost by adding herbal oils or infusions.

Diatoms are also particularly effective insect eliminators. Diatoms are microscopic algae that tear into insects but are harmless to humans. You can purchase them in many gardening or pet stores. Sprinkle a small amount onto the carpet and follow the instructions on the bag or can. Once again, when you vacuum the powder, dispose of the bag.

Prevention and Care of Your Pet

One method of organic flea control is actually active and constant flea prevention. Wash your pet in soapy water and comb him or her down with a fine tooth comb. It may also help to keep your beloved pet's fur short to discourage fleas.

Another flea prevention method is to make sure your pet has a balanced diet. Fleas are attracted to sick ""bad"" blood instead of healthy ""good"" blood.

When Nature vs Nature Is Not Enough

If none of your attempts seem to work, your pest control provider can help to eliminate the flea problem. While most do indeed use chemicals to get rid of pests and fleas, they are knowledgeable in monitoring chemical levels to avoid toxicity. Flea bites are painful, and your pest control exterminator can efficiently alleviate your problem and make your home pest free.

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