Organic Earwig Control for Homeowners

Go Natural

Each time a homeowner is faced with a pest removal issue, he or she is also faced with the decision between organic and toxic methods of extermination. Using organic pest control methods can put a homeowner at ease, as chemical-based pest control can be dangerous for inhabitants in the home. Natural pest control methods use only organic ingredients to get rid of pests, making them safer for use inside a home. This is particularly important if children or pets might potentially come in contact with the pest control product. Earwigs are pests that can be found in wet, filthy areas or even around garbage. Finding these pests in your bathroom sinks or crawling across a kitchen counter elevates a level of disgust, but these germs are potentially just as harmful as some of the toxic chemicals in many commercially available products. Organic earwig control, combined with preventative measures, will help to make a home earwig-free and safe from harm.

Pest Control from the Kitchen

Many homeowners don’t even need to head to the store when it comes to pest prevention. There are many green pest control methods, including organic earwig control, that can be created right at home. Some of the best natural pest control methods include the following:
  • If a homeowner is aware of an area that is prone to earwigs, creating a trap is one of the best methods. By using something as simple as a rolled up newspaper that is moistened near an entry point, earwigs will be glad to climb in during the night and will be waiting in the morning. It is then important to place the newspaper in a bag, sealing it and disposing of it outdoors.
  • Placing a small, shallow container of vegetable oil underneath an upside down flower pot will provide the two areas an earwig enjoy most- darkness and a moist substance. The trap should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

Don't Try This at Home

Do-it-yourself earwig pest control isn’t always the best idea - especially if a homeowner doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Making a bug problem worse by using the wrong products in the wrong places can be an extremely dangerous situation. The following ideas should never be solutions for earwig pest control:
  • Using smoke to clear out a colony of earwigs that are suspected to be lurking in between wall boards or in door jams is incredibly dangerous. The technique is difficult to manage without a potential injury to the homeowner. It can also generate heat so hot that it peels paint and damages dry wall, moldings or flooring.
  • Placing a chemical insect ‘bomb’ in areas it was not designed for can be extremely hazardous. Earwigs are difficult to locate and some homeowners attempt to use products designed for external use or for other types of pests. This chemical exposure is unnecessary and likely ineffective at killing earwigs.
  • Some homeowners have the best intentions to use green pest control methods to eliminate earwigs and attempt to use things such as honey laid out on a piece of cardboard to draw the earwigs out of hiding. Honey, unfortunately, can attract a whole host of other pests including ants and flies, and it never really captures earwigs effectively and permanently.
Trapping methods are one of the most effective forms of organic earwig control. By using a good trapping technique and carefully implementing prevention methods, organic earwig control can be done easily by homeowners.

Green Market

When looking for green pest control products, finding something that works for earwigs can be difficult. Because earwigs tend to be hidden until one has shown up in your shower or sink drain, earwig traps are some of the most effective methods of managing an earwig control issue. Commonly available traps usually have a combination of organic ingredients and a sticky surface. Boric acid is also an effective and natural method for organic earwig control. It can be dusted on entry points such as basement window sills, or placed around the foundation of a home. Homeowners can also purchase boric acid and create homemade traps by mixing the acid with sugar water. Finding effective natural pest control methods for earwigs can be as easy as looking around your kitchen. Taking measures to prevent earwigs from entering a home, combined with organic pest control methods, is one of the safest and most effective green pest control options.

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