Organic Cockroach Control - Green Methods that Work

Go Natural

Utilizing natural pest control methods is almost always the best and safest plan when dealing with insects infesting a home. Cockroaches can be a particularly difficult pest to prevent, control and exterminate because of their ability to withstand adverse environments. Natural, organic cockroach control can offer the best opportunity to exterminate cockroaches long-term. Once a single cockroach has been spotted, the homeowner is faced with the prospect of a lingering nest, eggs and an infestation that has contaminated their household with an incredible number of germs and diseases. Because the life cycle of a roach is generally about a year, with 3-4 months being the general time span from eggs to adulthood, the roach problem could be hanging around awhile. Cockroaches prefer to live in areas near human or pet food, making non-toxic, organic products extremely important. By using organic cockroach control methods, homeowners are able to continuously apply green extermination techniques that will keep the cockroaches out of their living areas.

Pest Control from the Kitchen

As impossible as it might seem to exterminate a cockroach population, some of the best defenses can be found right where these pests prefer to live: a homeowner’s kitchen. There are many 'green' products that can be readily found at home; these products can permanently exterminate or deter cockroaches, including some of the following:
  • Baking soda and sugar: By setting out a small container of baking soda mixed with white sugar, cockroaches will be attracted by the sweet smell and consume it. The mixture will have an adverse reaction for the cockroach, which has a high stomach acid content, and will eventually lead to its death.
  • Baking soda, bacon grease, onions, sugar and flour: This mixture can be thought of as cockroach bait dough and will have a similar fatal reaction when a cockroach consumes it. This mixture is more aromatic but can be less messy than the other powdery-bait mixtures.
  • Water, coffee grounds and something slippery: Create a trap with a smooth-sided jar, or coat the interior sides of a container with a slippery product like Vaseline. Place about an inch of water in the bottom of the jar that is intended to drown the roach. Add something aromatic that will draw the roach in such as coffee grounds.
Regardless of what method a homeowner chooses, regularly checking the trap areas for dead cockroaches is important. These germ-filled pests will attract other types of pests if they are not carefully removed. Any area that has seen activity from a cockroach should be thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized.

Don't Try This at Home

Some homeowners are at their wits' end with the cockroach population that never seems to go away and will try anything. However, this can lead to some dangerous consequences. When it comes to cockroach pest control, don’t try this at home:
  • Don’t mix pesticides with organic efforts. The majority of pesticides have a specific use and an unintended chemical reaction could result. Baking soda looks like an innocent white powder that is meant for cakes and cookies, but it can certainly cause an unexpected outcome if used inappropriately.
  • Don’t overdo it. Certainly roaches are disgusting and finding them stirring around in your bathroom in the middle of the night isn’t a comforting feeling. However, no amount of bleach or anti-bacterial cleansers will exterminate an entire cockroach pest problem. If you must clean, use green products which typically are just as effective with little to no odor.
  • Don’t think it’s just one cockroach. It’s never just one. The sight of a cockroach should send any homeowner into turbo drive when it comes to finding the right prevention and extermination products.

Green Market

There are many green products available on the market for homeowners looking for an organic pest control method. However, it is important that homeowners take the time to read all the labeling to ensure it is the best product for their household. The label should always detail the ingredients utilized in the product, which should all be natural, non-toxic elements. Because cockroaches frequently infest areas humans regularly inhabit, green pest control options can be a safe and healthy option.

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