Natural Termite Control Methods

Using intense termiticides is often a last resort for people with termite issues, despite their proven effectiveness. However, many homeowners are still searching for ways to get a termite control system that works without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Here are some natural termite control methods that give you options in pest control against termites:


Sometimes, the best way to kill a pest is to use another bug, which is exactly what nematodes accomplish against termites. Nematodes have been used on and off in the past as a way to get rid of different kinds of pests, including termites. The only reason homeowners are hesitant to use them is that they are afraid nematodes will eventually take over as another type of pest. This has yet to be the prevailing case, so homeowners should consider it as a viable termite control method.

Boric acid bait

This is a popular method that has been used for years against a variety of pests. Boric acid baits are termiticides in powder form that are left out to be ingested by the termites where it will then kill the termite and spread the powder chemical around the termite colony. Though it still uses some toxic components, it is more compact and isolated than liquid sprays.

Temperature Eradication

Heating or freezing entire homes through fumigation techniques have worked to great effect against termite infestations. Using a similar method to chemical fumigations done by professional pest companies, temperature eradication simply encases the entire home in intense heat or cold. Not only does this create a dry and extreme environment that termites can’t withstand, but it also foregoes the use of chemicals in favor of extreme temperatures, which carry a much lower risk in exposure to harmful elements.

Dust Desiccation

Desiccating dusts use non-toxic diatomaceous earth or silica aerogel that can be spread in termite infested areas to kill off and prevent termites from coming back. Their inorganic quality and inability to decompose almost makes them a permanent termite control method. At the same time, however, goggles and glove should still be worn when applying desiccating dust.

In the end, however, pest control professionals can carry out natural termite control methods just as effectively as it would be doing it on your own. Contact local pest exterminator who can recommend ways to get rid of termites without resorting to chemical-based methods.

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