Mosquitoes- Cause for Concern

Humans are used to mosquitoes. After all, they have been around longer than we have. These insects are known to buzz around parks, campgrounds, backyards, and even homes. However, just because something is familiar, doesn't mean it deserves less consideration.

The presence of mosquitoes must not be taken lightly. For some people, a mosquito bite is nothing more than an annoying itchy bump. Others can suffer terrible allergic reactions. Afterall, the stinging insects have the potential to transmit the West Nile virus and cause illnesses like malaria and dengue fever. These illnesses intermittently result in outbreaks, taking hundreds of lives. Learning protective measures from mosquito attacks is crucial to maintain health.

Over the Counter Chemicals

Although there are many mosquito prevention products found in supermarkets and drugstores, this doesn't mean they are all equally effective. They all use different chemicals to discourage a mosquito from biting, some better than others. There are many preventive solutions provided by the market today. Commercial sprays can be harmful to other living organisms upon exposure. Ideally, sprays are more effective in enclosed space to kill the existing mosquitoes in the room.

Use mosquito repellants when going outdoors. DEET is a type of chemical that has been mostly used in repellants. According to several studies, it remains to be the most effective in the market. There are also available natural mosquito repellants like skin patches and natural oil. These items produce a certain odor that repulses female mosquitoes.

You can use some simple solutions or a natural mosquito repellent like citronella. Of course, it is always recommended to consult a pest control provider for prevention tips.

Mosquito Control Tips

Remove stagnant water on your property. Mosquitoes typically breed in standing water. To reduce breeding, get rid of accumulated water in holes, old buckets, and other containers holding water. Make sure to have complete door and window screens that are tight-fitting and in good condition. Use mosquito netting and wear protective clothing when camping or sleeping outdoors. Be diligent with any sprays you are using and set up a perimeter with citronella candles or lanterns.

Working Together

Strategies for preventing mosquito infestation usually depend on the type of mosquitoes that are suspected to be plaguing the area. You should take the responsibility of learning more about the particular species that breed in your neighborhood, and the ways to effectively eliminate them.

Local governments usually assign or work with organizations that provide extensive mosquito prevention information to the public. Such organizations also conduct comprehensive programs for community-level mosquito control.

When is it Time to Call Professionals?

Mosquito infestation in a home or property must not be overlooked. There are times that natural mosquito repellant and individual efforts are not enough. A female mosquito has the potential to lay more than a hundred eggs. Thus the species has the potential to reproduce rapidly and intensify their presence in your home.

Pest control experts are aware of safe and comprehensive strategies to combat mosquito influx - especially in a large area. They are trained to use sophisticated equipment and methods to exterminate mosquitoes. For example professionals have access to large-scale foggers, which emit a mist of insecticide for pests in the air. They also have dispersal devices mounted on vehicles and various professional-grade sprays. Most can provide natural mosquito repellents as alternates to conventional products if you prefer more organic courses of action.

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