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How to Get Rid of Moths in Yonkers, New York

Moths are nocturnal insects that are attracted to light, giving them the name “butterflies of the night.” Moths have dull, neutral colors for wings to disguise themselves against predators in the dark.

  • Moths called codling moths feed on fruit and are therefore harmful to fruit farms and vineyards.
  • Moths originate as caterpillars that wrap themselves into cocoons before turning into moths.
  • Moths are nocturnal and therefore more active at night.
  • The largest of moths is the Atlas moth.
  • The largest of moths is the Atlas moth.

Moths are feed on natural fibers like wool and silk, which up destroying the fabric. One way to repel moths is to spray floral or woodsy scents on fabric. To get rid of moths in your home, call a professional pest exterminator today.

Moth Control Providers

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