Bite No More with Mosquito Control

Control Mosquitoes Before They Control You

A quiet night watching the sunset from a backyard deck can be rudely interrupted by the smacking sound of a mosquito meeting its demise on the arms and legs of a quick-handed homeowner. The slight pinch of a mosquito bite can quickly send homeowners and their families indoors, leaving the sunset for the insects to enjoy. Good mosquito control methods can allow homeowners the opportunity to stay outdoors and enjoy their space without the threat and aggravation of mosquito bites. There are many different types of products and techniques that can help a homeowner with effective pest control. There are products that can be applied directly on the skin or ones that are applied to the area where the homeowner is spending his or her time. There are also several ways to deter these blood-sucking pests by taking a few steps to keep a property mosquito-free.

Reasons Mosquitoes Need To Go

Besides just the annoyance and discomfort of a mosquito bite, homeowners need to be especially careful of keeping their mosquito population to a minimum. As a mosquito jumps from one human or animal to another, they have the ability to transfer diseases that can be harmful and even fatal. Some of the most commonly transferred diseases include malaria and the West Nile virus. There are other infectious diseases that can be transferred by blood but cannot be done with the small quantities a mosquito ingests. Most people don’t realize that it is only the female mosquitoes that suck human blood. The round bump of a mosquito bite itself is thought to be an allergic reaction to the saliva of mosquitoes. Excessive amounts of mosquito bites can be uncomfortable but they can also leave permanent scars if they are not taken care of properly.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine for Mosquito Bites

Once mosquitoes have shown up uninvited to a homeowner’s space, it can be hard to steer them away. By preventing the type of environments that tend to breed mosquitoes, homeowners can keep the party crashers away. Some of the following pest control methods are great preventative approaches to mosquito control:
  • Stagnant water is a major draw for mosquitoes and insect that lays eggs in water. By limiting the access to a water source, the mosquito exposure is minimized.
  • Use an outdoor screened-in area. Mosquito netting is a very effective product for allowing homeowners to be outdoors while keeping the mosquitoes away.
  • Remove items that collect water, such as old garbage lying around in a yard and gutter drainage areas. It can also help to keep temporary items covered, such as a child’s pool.
  • Using a fan outdoors can help to turn a mosquito right around in another direction. Mosquitoes are easily disturbed by the wind or a breeze and will be more likely to avoid areas where the fan is blowing.
It doesn’t take more than a few annoying mosquito bites to turn a homeowner into an avid mosquito hunter. The mosquito bite on the bottom of a homeowner’s foot will call for an all-out war on the property-invading pests. By preventing and deterring mosquitoes from a property, homeowners can minimize their exposure to mosquito bites and spend more time enjoying their space.

Bad Ideas for Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes have long bothered humans trying to enjoy the outdoors in the early mornings or evenings when they are most likely to be hunting around for a snack. There are a number of bad ideas that homeowners sometimes get in their heads when they are overwhelmed with mosquito extermination. The following are the worst ideas for mosquito control and should be avoided:
  • Tough it out. It’s just a mosquito. WRONG. One mosquito can readily turn into an unbearable population that keeps homeowners indoors.
  • A mosquito pesticide meant for spraying outdoors should NEVER come into contact with human skin. There are certain mosquito repellents that contain chemicals that can penetrate the skin of humans and pets, making them ill and potentially requiring medical attention.
  • Never add gasoline, bleach or another toxin to standing water in order to help deter mosquitoes. While the idea is that the mosquito will consume the poison water, more often than not the family dog, cat or other animal will inadvertently consume the water. Removing or limiting water access altogether is the best mosquito control method.
Mosquito control is important for homeowners in order to allow them the ability to use their outdoor areas. By making an outdoor space less attractive to mosquitoes, homeowners can enjoy a barbecue or a sunset without constantly smacking their skin to kill a mosquito.

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