Mosquito Control Products- The Best Zappers, Sprays and Repellents

No Mosquitoes Allowed

Nothing can send an outdoor party indoor as fast as the nips of mosquitoes. Finding mosquito control products that work effectively will depend on where and when a homeowner plans to use the product. For highly wooded areas near a water source, personal insect repellents will not be as effective as utilizing an additional method such as a mosquito trap. There are also many tried and true methods that simply are not as effective as the mosquito control products available today. Almost everyone has seen the old black lanterns with purple fluorescent bulbs that kill mosquitoes with a memorable ZAP! noise that is not only distracting but disgusting. The problem is, these types of bug traps actually exterminate ALL kinds of bugs, including the good ones. Without just the right amount of bugs, homeowners can have an entirely different pest control issue. If the ground bugs not being consumed by the flying bugs, a homeowner’s garden, yard and flowers are hot spots for more insect problems. Selecting the right mosquito control product will be the key to maintaining the bug balance- and keeping the mosquitoes from biting!

It Looks Like a TV Remote!

The following products are great alternatives to traditional mosquito control methods:
  • ThermaCELL Portable Mosquito Repellent Appliance: If you are adverse to the stink and smell that sometimes comes with pesticides, this device is a great option. Whether you are grilling outdoors, going camping or heading somewhere you suspect is thick with mosquitoes, this device has shown to be a highly effective mosquito control product. The device is powered by butane so no batteries, plugs or cords are required. And even better yet, it’s the size of a TV remote and is completely portable.
  • ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern: When a homeowner wants a mosquito control product that doesn’t look like a mosquito control product, the patio lantern is a great option. In addition to acting as a repellent for mosquito control, the lantern is also a mission style light source.
  • Coleman Mosquito Deleto: When it comes to a portable trap option, the Mosquito Deleto is a device that effectively lures mosquitoes. The trap uses carbon dioxide along with a chemical to attract mosquitoes. The positioning of the product is the key to its successful use.
  • Skin So Soft by Avon: Who knew that a product meant to be a skin moisturizer could be one of the most effective personal mosquito control products? The company does not market the moisturizer as a mosquito repellent but it is well known to be an effective product that even smells great.
General spray insecticides that are available can help to repel mosquitoes. However, a combination of a personal spray product and an actual repellent device can be the most effective option for mosquito control. It also won’t matter what type of mosquito repellent is being applied if the environment completely invites mosquitoes, such as areas that have standing water or densely wooded areas.

What Doesn’t Work

Of all the mosquito control products on the market, there are plenty that talk a good talk but many others that capture little more than a homeowner’s money. The NOsquito Mosquito Vacuum uses several of the common mosquito repellent methods such as CO2, chemical bait and heat, but has not been show to be an effective method for trapping and repelling. Citronella candles have long been thought to be a great, organic source of mosquito repellent. However, tests have shown that there is not a considerable difference between citronella vs. plain candle use. The heat of the candle and carbon dioxide that is emitted is what actually drives the mosquitoes away more than the citronella scent. A homeowner should carefully consider the intent of the product. Some are meant to repel mosquitoes while others are meant to exterminate them. Repellent products will keep the flying pests out of the area where the product is effective but will do little for long term control. An exterminating product will kill the mosquitoes but does not always eliminate the source of the mosquitoes. It is also important to consider how safe and effective a product is for areas where there are children or pets.

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