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How To Get Rid Of Mites

Mites are invertebrate parasites that can cause hay fever, allergic reactions, and asthma. The best way to prevent mite bites is to minimize the number of mites in your home. Wash your clothes, sheets, towels and blankets at least once every month with hot water. This will help kill the powerful parasite. Also, try using mite insecticides in your garden to keep mites far away from your home's edge.

If mite bites occur, don’t scratch the affected area. This could cause infections and complicate the healing process. Apply formulated insect bites cream and wait; if it still looks bad after a week, it is time to visit your doctor.You might want to research what a mite bite looks like so you can compare and make sure that this what happen to you.

Do-It-Yourself Mite Control

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly to get rid of mites and their eggs.
  • Wear lotion infused with sulfur to deter mites from biting you during the night.
  • Good, clean housekeeping will generally keep mites away from your home.
  • Non-organic fabrics for bed sheets are another way to keep mites from eating into your skin.
  • If you're still experiencing problems with mites in your home, call a pest extermination sevice today!

Why Worry About How to Get Rid of Mites?

  • Mites are microscopic and thus very difficult to eradicate!
  • Mites are known to aggravate dermatitis, asthma, hay fever, and eczema.
  • Various species of mites attack humans, plants, insects, and other animals.

Don’t Know How to Get Rid of Mites?--Call a Pest Exterminator!

  • Pest control providers should guarantee a mite solution in a timely fashion once notified of the problem.
  • Qualified pest exterminators should be able to eliminate mites humanely and safely, without leaving dangerous poisons or traps around your home.

Learn How to Get Rid of Mites and Keep Your Home Safe

Mites are a microscopic, but still a very dangerous pest. Some varieties of mites parasitize humans and animals and can act as vectors for the spread of disease. These are, thankfully, relatively uncommon. Dust mites are even more prevalent, but remain invisible to the naked eye. They typically travel from home to home by riding on clothing or on your pet. Their fecal matter can become airborne and aggravate allergic reactions, such as sinus congestion. Dust mite feces are thought to among the heaviest dust allergens (and thus conducive to the most severe reactions). As mites are so tiny, they can be very difficult to eradicate. If you suspect your home is infested, be sure to contact a trusted exterminator who knows how to get rid of mites thoroughly and safely.

A pest management company can offer a solution to mite infestations. With professional exterminators, homeowners get the treatment that they need in order to receive the mite solution they seek. The best part of hiring an experienced exterminator is that they have the knowledge and expertise to do it right from the beginning. Call a professional exterminator today!