Lawn Pest Control and Other Tips

The most effective general pest control treatment is the one that will prevent the pests from ever getting in to your personal environment. When pests are staved off a substantial amount of time, money and energy resources is conserved.

Building a Pest-Free Landscape

Since pests are natural constituents of the environment, they need to be considered in the planning and maintenance of landscaped spaces. Here are some suggestions to prevent pests from invading our personal space.

Apply pesticide treatment to the soil inside and around the foundation of your building structure to fence out potential pest invaders. This type of lawn pest control also cuts down on weeds.

It is known that termites would naturally feast on wood, especially when the conditions are ripe for infestation. One solution is to use wood pre-treated with anti-termite solution. Other options include browsing the latest trends in wood alternates. Select from a variety of contemporary alternates for wood.

Household Maintenance and Cleanliness

Strict discipline on cleanliness is important at all times. Since pests are known to thrive on less sanitary surroundings, every household member should engage in maintaining a clean surrounding. Clean and dry is the way to go, because these conditions are contrary to what most pests prefer.

Death by Water

Minimize pest access to the building. Surround your building with an insecticide perimeter spray to keep any pest invader in check. Refresh the potency of this perimeter once a year. Minimize stagnant water around the house. Stagnant water is nourishment to pests. Overturn all water receptacles.

If you must store water, keep receptacles covered and change the water frequently to preserve freshness. Do not let still water remain in your garden for more than a day. If there is some there, cover these low points with top soil to enable the water to flow on a natural grade.

Sealing Up the House

Cover all possible access points into your house. Check for cracks on walls where termites or ants might enter. Cut all tree branches that touch your building which might be used as a conduit by rodents or squirrels. Plug all holes at the base, the walls, and the windows. Repair holes on the window screen. Make sure that the screen frames are screwed tightly to the window frame.

You must also assign the same care and diligence on the inside of your house. There are a number of different pests that can potentially make your life miserable. These pests might be flies, ants, mosquitoes, termites, fleas, mites, bugs, and other insects.

When to Get Professional Exterminators

The truth of the matter is, while you can explore these methods yourself, you should also be prepared for trial and error. Conventional methods are useful, but they take time and require diligence and patience in terms of getting results. Be honest about your expectations and needs. If you have several tries with conventional methods, chances are the financial costs would be equivalent to professional services. Pest exterminators have extensive training and know-how. Their recommendations on lawn pest control and other methods are indispensable services.

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