How to Kill Spiders with Sodium Lamps

One of the major reasons why homeowners are hesitant to start pest control is because they don’t want to use harsh chemicals that have adverse affects on their health as well as to the nature around their home. Installing sodium lamps may be an ideal solution for homeowners looking for ways on how to kill spiders without resorting to toxic or poisonous treatments.

How Sodium Lamps Work

Sodium lamps are a type of bulb that discharge sodium in small amounts of gas to create light. Depending on whether the lamp is low or high pressure, it emits a deep, ochre-colored light at lower levels of pollution than conventional mercury vapor bulbs. The long, cylinder-shaped bulb of a sodium lamp can be installed uniquely in a single spot or within an existing outdoor lighting system.

Conventional bulbs attract mosquitoes, moths, and other light-hungry insects, giving spiders a feasting ground for food. Spiders only go where the food is, and their primary source of nourishment is other pests. Once a sodium lamp has been installed, other pests will gradually stop gathering around the lamp, causing spiders to either abandon the spot or simply die from a lack of food.

Will it Work?

Sodium lamps have increasingly become an alternative pest control method for homeowners wondering how to kill spiders without dealing with the messiness of pesticides. At the same time, it is still being used more frequently as an additional technique alongside chemicals. Whether you decide to use just the lamp or combine it with another pest treatment, sodium lamps work effectively in warding off pests from your home. It will also cut down on electricity costs, which most homeowners would say is a good thing.

Sodium lights are usually installed outdoors, but they can be placed inside the home as well. The only problem is that the glow of a sodium lamp is not very attractive or comfortable to human eyes, so keeping these in unfrequented place is probably the best bet.

If you’re unsure of whether sodium lamps can really work for you, contact a local pest exterminator who knows the best way on how to get rid of spiders around the house and how to kill spiders without resorting to harmful chemicals.

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