How to Kill Rats on Your Own

Few rat control solutions offer the guarantee that professional exterminators do, but even they can’t always respond to an infestation immediately. As a homeowner, you should still know how to kill rats on your own while waiting for a pest exterminator.

Here are some ways to kill rats on your own for the occasional errant rat or while you wait for a professional:

Snap Traps

Snap traps are the tried and true solution to getting rid of rats on your own. Requiring nothing more than knowing where rats are coming in and out of, snap traps are a cheap and reliable form of rat control. Simply pull back the metal spring and put a piece of food on the trigger. As soon as rats approach it, the spring will release and snap the rat in place.

These can purchased in packs at hardware or pest control stores for less to nothing, as they bases are usually made of wood and thus cheaply produced. It saves you from killing the rat and makes them easy to dispose.

Electronic Traps

Electronic traps, or zapper traps, are one of the newest methods of independent rat killers. Touted as an environmentally-friendly method of killing rats, electronic traps are battery-powered containers that lure in rats and shock them with electricity.

In addition to killing the rat in a humane way, electronic traps also save you from touching the dead rat to dispose it, as the rat remains in the contain until you can empty its contents into a plastic bag. While these traps aren’t suitable for getting rid of infestations, in can help you get rid of the one or two pesky rats you see while waiting for a pest exterminator.

Cat Control

As natural predators of rats, cats leave the work of finding and trapping rats out of your hands and into their paws. Although not all cats have the same level of hunting instincts, simply having one around may act as a deterrent for rats, as they are able to sense them through smell and intuition.

Patience is Key

There are plenty of ways to kill rats on your own, but exterminating infestations will be hard to accomplish without some help. If you start seeing rats on a regular basis, despite your efforts in setting up traps, leave the extermination to a professional who has the equipment and expertise to handle overwhelming situations. If you’re already waiting for a pest exterminator, be patient and allow these methods to run their course until a professional arrives.

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