Allergies Bothering You? How to Kill Dust Mites

For those with allergies, learning how to kill dust mites is one of the most important things they can do. Dust mites are your worst enemies. They have sharp little fangs and crawl around in your bed. If this sounds like something out of a horror movie, the reality is, it happens in just about every home. Are you grossed out now, let us talk about how to get rid of them. Dust mites are small pests that can cause asthma and allergies, in anyone who is vulnerable. They lurk throughout your home, feasting off dead skin cells humans and pets discard every day. They will not affect most people since they do not carry any illnesses. However, killing dust mites is an important part of maintaining a healthy home for those who have allergic reactions to them. (It is also a good thing for your sanity!)

How to Kill Dust Mites

Let's be serious since this is an extensive problem for many people. There are several things you can do to learn how to kill dust mites. The best method to killing dust mites is through control measures, such as the following.
  • One of the best methods to killing dust mites is to enclose your mattress and sides (and your pillows) in plastic, dust mite impervious covers. This keeps the dust mites from getting to your dead skin cells, which means you are cutting off their food source. Starve Them!
  • Use very hot water to wash all sheets, pillows and blankets. This will kill any dust mites that can be found there. Scald Them!
  • Keep your home as dander free as possible. It is best to ensure you have regular cleaning habits for vacuuming and cleaning carpeting. Wash anything that can be washed frequently. Ensure that you use a damp cloth to wipe off the plastic mattress cover every day. Suck Them Up!
Air purifiers are another method that can be used for killing dust mites. To learn how to kill dust mites with air purifiers, check out some of the manufacturer's products on the market. You will notice several products have a specific design to improve allergen levels in the home.

How To Kill Dust Mites: Large Infestations

If you are concerned about dust mites on a large scale, you may want to call a professional out to your home. Exterminators can help you to get rid of a large infestation. It can be hard to treat dust mites on your own, but if you have allergies or asthma, especially if you have severe cases, it is critical to use a professional to help. Most people do not have to call a professional to their home. Rather, keeping your home clean is the best solution. Ensure that your home is using an air purifier if your asthma or allergies have increased. There has never been a better time to clean and wash your sheets than right now, has there been?

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