How to Kill Cockroaches Around the Home

No pest strikes more fear in the minds of homeowners than cockroaches. More than any other pest – including ants, mosquitoes, or even spiders – cockroaches are heavily regarded as the lowest of low among home-invading pests.

Part of the frustration lies in the difficulty many homeowners have found with killing cockroaches. Marked by their sturdy exoskeleton shell and quick adaptation to pesticides, it is a constant search for the latest methods in killing cockroaches. But the best way to understand how to kill cockroaches around the house is to know how they operate.

Why Cockroaches Stay

The first thing homeowners should understand about cockroaches is why they enter homes in the first place. There are several reasons:

  • Shelter
  • Food source
  • Warmth
  • Moisture

Like most pests, cockroaches don’t go anywhere without an incentive; if they are in your home, chances are, they’ve found something beneficial to their survival. Whether it’s picking off the food crumbs or seeking protection in drains and gutters, cockroaches stay for a reason. The key to successful cockroach control is eliminating reasons for them to stay.

How to Kill Cockroaches in One Go

Unfortunately, finding one cockroach almost always means there are plenty more elsewhere. This does not bode well for people who have a tough time killing one cockroach, much less attacking a colony of them. At the same time, there may be less than you think.

One way to estimate is to keep track of how frequently you see them. If you’re catching them once every few days, it’s probably not as extreme. If you see them during the day and at night whenever you turn on the light, it could be a bigger issue.

Use the following pest control tips on how to kill cockroaches as frequently and widespread as necessary:

  • Place sticky traps around corners and other spots you suspect cockroaches are entering from.
  • Spread powdered boric acid over any cockroach; it will suck out the moisture and cause them to shrivel on the spot.
  • Mix boric acid with sugar as a bait-and-kill method.
  • Spray the latest edition of cockroach pesticide, not something that’s been sitting in your garage for over a year; cockroaches are quick at adapting to poisons.
  • Above all, practice prevention! Eliminate food traces, moisture areas, and keep your home clean at all times!

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