Identifying and Treating Bed Bug Rashes

Think you’re getting bitten by bed bugs? Bed bug bites often look like mosquito or ant bites and can evolve into painful rashes if left untreated.

Here’s how to tell if you’re getting bitten by bed bugs and not by other pests:

  • The bites are small, red, and swollen.
  • You have multiple bites that form a line on your skin.
  • The bites itch.
  • New bites appear after waking up in the morning.
  • Bed bug rashes make it easier to tell if you’ve actually been bitten by a bed bug. Some of their qualities are:

    • Small bumps within a large bump
    • Welt-like appearance
    • Widened swelling
    • Dried, white edges

    If you suspect that your rashes were caused by bed bugs and they continue to itch or gradually become more swollen, visit your doctor or try the following treatment methods.

    Treating Bed Bug Rashes

    The two most common treatments for bed bug rashes are hydrocortisone and antihistamine. Hydrocortisone is mostly found in creams that can be applied directly on the rash. Antihistamines are generally available in pill form and consumed orally. Benadryl, which also contains diphenhydramine, is common type of antihistamine used for bed bug treatment.

    If neither of these works, have a doctor inspect the rashes. They may recommend an antibiotic to take care of the itching and swelling.

    Bed Bug Prevention

    Of course, the best way to avoid getting bed bug rashes it to get rid of bed bugs in the home. You can do this without hiring a pest exterminator:

    • Wash your bed sheets frequently.
    • Include vacuuming the curtains and furniture as part of your cleaning routine
    • Keep the indoors dry, clean and free of clutter.
    • Check your suitcases and anything you’ve brought back from a hotel room

    Taking the conscious steps of preventing bed bug infestations will not only help you avoid getting bed bug rashes, but also from living in unsanitary conditions at home. If you think the bed bug problem in your home is too large and overwhelming for you to handle, call a professional exterminator to resolve the problem.

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