How to Get Rid of Ticks On Your Own

Ticks are parasites that not only suck on blood, but spread disease while they're at it. Knowing how to get rid of ticks on your own is entirely possible if you understand where they come from and what causes them to choose you as their host.

Check your clothes and skin before going indoors

If you've been outside all day doing yard work or playing sports, check your skin, clothes and shoes for ticks before reentering the house. Because ticks often live in tall grass and wooded areas, they will sit at the very tip of grass blades and wait for a human or pet to brush by before latching on.

Make sure to look in places that you normally wouldn't check, such as the back of your legs, between your toes, and your scalp. Wash your pants, shirt, socks, and anything else that has come in direct contact with the ground. Keep shoes outdoors and wash them off before bringing them inside.

Check your pets

If you own a dog or cat, make sure to check its fur for ticks in addition to fleas. This is especially crucial if your pets are frequently outdoors, as ticks often carry disease and risk your pet's health if bitten. To skirt the harmful effects of tick bites, visit the veterinarian for a pre-screening and vaccination again common diseases, such as Lyme disease.

Get rid of weeds

Weeds and tall grass create the perfect environment for ticks, which is why you need to get rid of t hem and mow regularly. Use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed growth and mow the lawn twice a week during the summer and once every week or 10 days during the off seasons. Not only does this help control the number of ticks, but it also improves your lawn quality and prevents it from harboring other types of pests, such as ants.

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