How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Are sugar ants invading your home? You are not alone since this ant variant is common to the U.S. although called for their inclination to devour sweets, this group also seeks fats and proteins like peanut butter and even dead insects. A qualified pest control company can tell you how to get rid of sugar ants quickly and easily.

It is important for a professional to identify the variant of ant correctly because not all ants respond to the same pest control methods, regardless if they are chemical or natural. Furthermore, ants do not react the same way to the same poison year after year. They can develop a resistance to the product, avoid it completely, or find another way to get into your home.

What Do Sugar Ants Look Like?

Before calling a professional pest exterminator, take a good look at the ants. Are they white? Those are probably termites. Are their bodies orange all over? Those are pharaoh ants. Do they have orange middles and big round black ends? That would be pavement ants. Are they on the small side and black all over? These are common black ants. If the body is brownish-orange chances are you are looking at a sugar ant.

Winged ants flying around in thick groups followed by a litter of wings on the ground is evidence of scouts looking for new colony locations. If you notice this behavior early, it is a good time to call the pest control company. They know exactly how to get rid of sugar ants. They can treat mating ants, lines of ants in your house, and mounds where colonies live and breed.

First Things First

Remove their entry points by caulking doors and windows. Limit eating and snacking outside of the kitchen and dining areas. Sweep and vacuum thoroughly. Wipe surfaces and mop with pure white vinegar or bleach. Keep your dishes and sink clean and dry. Add a dose of straight bleach to drains after preparing food and washing dishes. Upgrade your trash bags.

One thing most people don’t think about is sweeping and mopping after taking out the trash. In the process of gathering up your trash and carrying it outside, particles and drips can fall on floors. These certainly can attract ants, who invite their friends to an all-you-can-eat party at your house. Shut them down by sweeping and mopping.

Helpful Hints

Many chefs swear by an artillery of spices as an organic way to combat ant invasions. Simply place slightly crushed, dry bay leaves at the corners of cabinets and countertops and other entry points. Set down whole clove as an alternate ant repellant. If you don’t have pets or children who might ingest them, put cloves near baseboards.

Speaking of cloves, chop a few cloves of garlic and set them here and there away from children and pets. Another useful homemade concoction consists of borax detergent and honey or corn syrup. Put the homemade bait in a bottle cap and position near the ant mound. Keep pets and kids away.

Call a Professional Today

A quick call to a reputable pest control company can end your battles with sugar ants. If organic methods have failed due to mistaken ant identification or battling pests just isn’t on your to-do-list, our professionals are ready to handle it for you. We know exactly what to do and bring great recommendations for prevention and extermination. A call today can save money and time tomorrow.

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