How to Get Rid of Rats in the House, the Easy Way

Getting rid of rats is not a task most would categorize as. Homeowners who are faced with figuring out how to get rid of rats in the house can easily feel stuck and overwhelmed on choosing methods that actually work. Sometimes, you may even have to try out a few different techniques before finding one that works best.

When it comes to scenarios like this, having an understanding of how to get rid of rats in the house via popular techniques helps narrow down the options. Here are some that have proven to be effective among homeowners who do their own rat control:


  1. Snap Traps
  2. Setting up snap traps in strategic locations around the house is not only easy, but cost-effective. Made of wood and wire, snap traps require no electricity or any sort of expertise or special equipment to set up, hence the low cost. Simply daub a chunk of peanut butter or other sticky sweet substance onto the trigger and wait for the sound of snaps. Afterward, pick up the dead rats with a glove and dispose double-bagged. Doesn’t get any easier than that!


  3. Sticky Traps
  4. Although slightly messier to set up than snap traps, sticky traps are still easy to install and throw away once the killing has been accomplished. Place a trap in the most frequented path of rats in your house (usually done by following a trail of footprints, the scent of urine, or even crumbs if you suspect they’ve been in the kitchen). Although sticky traps don’t kill the rats on the spot, they provide a slow, torturous death that can be instantaneously gratifying.


  5. Domesticated Pets
  6. Cats, dogs, and even ferrets have been found to be effective pest control methods in getting rid of rats in the house. The greatest benefit has to be the fact that the killing is no longer on you; you can unleash Fido to hunt them down. Of all the animals, cats are the best-equipped to kill rats. Dogs and ferrets usually have to be trained to know how to get rid of rats in the house, but nonetheless can be trained effectively. In any case, having a pet do the killing for you may end up be the easiest rat control option you’ve got.


    Should none of these methods prove easy or effective once implemented, consider reaching out to a pest control company in your area to have professionals deal with your rat problem and solve it for good.

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