How to Get Rid of Pigeons and Make them Fly the Coop

Meet the Pest

Entire cities have tried tackling the issue of how to get rid of pigeons. Sometimes referred to as 'rats with wings,' pigeons carry many of the same environmental problems as their rodent counterparts. Pigeons are known to harbor diseases like salmonella, newcastle disease, toxoplasmosis and more. Also, pigeon droppings can carry histoplasmosis, a fungal disease that can infect humans. Now take into account the less-than-aesthetically-pleasing sight of pigeon droppings covering buildings, trees and sidewalks, and you can understand the strong desire to learn how to get rid of pigeons.

Bed and Breakfast

Do-it-yourself pest control often begins with learning a little bit about the pest you are trying to remove. It is interesting to note that pigeons have come to depend on humans for their food and lodging. Many homes and office buildings easily supply these two basic needs. For nesting, a pigeon will look for a place that is high up and sheltered so that it can watch out for predators in safety. Ledges, attics and other nooks and crannies found in a home are a perfect place for pigeons to roost. Even when they are not in their nest, they spend a great deal of time perched high up on a wire or some other look-out. Understanding this can give you some clues as to how to get rid of pigeons. Pigeons are not picky eaters, as the 'rats with wings' moniker explains. Landfills, restaurant parking lots, or any place garbage can be found is a good place for pigeons to congregate. Pigeons are automatically drawn to other pigeons, so one bird usually means that more birds, and a big mess, are sure to follow.

Quit Bugging Me!

The more you know about pigeons, the more you will want to know how to get rid of pigeons. Making your home, yard, office, etc. uncomfortable or inhabitable for the pests is a good do-it-yourself pest control technique that will help you in your quest to learning how to get rid of pigeons. Perches: Making it difficult or unpleasant for a bird to perch is one way of keeping pigeons off of your property. Some products are made from metal or plastic spikes and can be installed along gutters, ledges and other landing areas. There are also products that make a perch slippery and others that make it sticky. All of the following products are good do-it-yourself pest control:
  • Bird spikes for flat surfaces
  • Gutter spikes clip directly onto gutters
  • Bird spiders for areas that require a lot of coverage
  • Bird slopes for ledges
  • Repellents & gels that create a sticky surface
  • Electronic repellents that shock the pigeon as they land (professional installation recommended)
Nesting Areas: Along with items like the bird spikes, there are other ways to make nesting areas appear less inviting or difficult to reach. When learning how to get rid of pigeons, you need to look for areas around your home or business that provide the kind of shelter the bird is seeking. Weather-resistant netting, chicken wire and metal sheeting can all be used to cover potential nesting areas. Some relatively untested measures that you many want to look into are decoys and vibration repellents. Decoys are life-like statues of pigeon predators. The decoy works like a scarecrow, frightening the pigeons away. Vibration repellents, on the other hand, use sound waves to disturb the pigeons and make them flee the area.

Good Riddance

Legally, there are no methods for learning how to kill pigeons. Most pigeon poisons have been banned and in many states, killing a pigeon, by any means, is at least a misdemeanor. For permanent and speedy pigeon removal, a combination of the previously mentioned techniques, along with trapping, is your answer. Trapping is usually handled by pest control companies, but you can learn how to get rid of pigeons using this method. Pigeon traps, or pigeon motels as they are sometimes called, can be purchased for do-it-yourself pest control. Once you have your trap, follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Leave the trap open and bait it with corn or some other grain. Do this for a couple of days so the pigeons get used to finding food inside the trap.
  2. Since pigeons attract more pigeons, you will soon have a group of them inside the trap. Simply shut the doors to the trap and decide on a place to remove them, or call your local animal control and ask them to remove the pigeons from your property.

Learning how to get rid of pigeons effectively and permanently is best handled with offensive and defensive measures. Trapping is a humane removal solution that can be handled professionally or as do-it-yourself pest control. Combining those efforts with prevention methods, like covering prime roosting areas and installing other deterrents, will have those pigeons flying the coop for good.

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