How to Get Rid of Moths

To get rid of moths, look in your closet and pantry. If you find moths embedded in your dried grain and rice bins, they are likely Indian meal moths or Mediterranean flour moths. If you see them in your closet, they are probably webbing clothes moths that target mostly wool and cashmere clothing.

Moths are not particularly difficult to get rid of, but they do require knowing where to look and removing the things that attracts them. It also means watching what you bring into the home, as moths can ride on the fur of animals or embed themselves in the large grain bins at the farmer’s market. Otherwise, moths can go on to contaminate your food supply and damage expensive clothing.

Stop moths from invading your home by following these tips on how to get rid of moths:

Place spices in pantries and cupboards

Spices like cloves, bay leaves, and eucalyptus can be placed on cupboard and pantry shelves to ward off moths and keep them from infesting cereal boxes, flour bags, and other dried food products.

Natural spices offer a better alternative to mothballs, which have traditionally been used to keep moths away, but have been found to contain too many toxins. They’re also dangerous to pets and children who may mistake them for candy and accidentally ingest them.

Keep pantries dry and food containers sealed

Moths prefer humid environments, which is why it’s crucial to keep food storage spaces and containers as dry as possible. Keep bags of flour and rice tightly sealed with rubber bands or tapes; use plastic containers with air-release features that vacuum-pack food so that it doesn’t spoil or get overtaken by food-eating moths. Make sure all storage spaces are periodically aired out so mold and humidity don’t build up.

Store clothes in plastic

Moths can’t penetrate materials without an opening, which is why plastic is great for moth control. When storing clothes away for the winter, place them in plastic bags or seal them in baskets with plastic wrap to keep moths from feeding on your sweaters and scarves. You can also store them in plastic boxes, but tape down the lids to eliminate the smallest of openings.

Achieving a Moth-Free Home

Moths seek homes because that’s where the food is. Whether it’s cornmeal in your pantry or a delicious wool sweater in your closet, the key to getting rid of moths is keeping your food and clothes clean, dry, and, when appropriate, tightly sealed. You’ll live in a cleaner, more enjoyable home by keeping the winged pests away.

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