How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies love ripe or overripe fruit, wine, vinegar, vegetables, meat, compost, and drain slime. They will occupy or fly around any and every type of refuse. They also nest throughout your home, and are signs of organic decay.

Most fruit flies are small, yellow-winged creatures with red eyes. Some may have black bodies or red and brown tones. Their wings have noticeable black designs. The Hawaiian varieties are the largest. Experienced pest control professionals will identify the type you have and explain elimination methods for the specific variant contaminating your space.

Where Fruit Flies Can Be Found

Fruit flies can live in almost any environment around the world including deserts, swamps, and rainforests. In your home, they'll find a humid sink, tub, or shower drain to inhabit. Before you know it, you'll find them in your bedrooms, living room, and den, as well as your kitchen and dining room.

They reproduce extremely quickly. Female fruit flies can lay from one to ten eggs at a time. This can produce anywhere from 100 to 1,000 new flies in a short period. The rapidity in which they reproduce is also due to the fact their lifespans are extremely short: up to a week. In their short lives their main activities include eating, mating, and laying eggs.

Step One--Prevention

Throw out fruit that is at the verge of over-ripeness and beyond. Store the remaining fruit in the refrigerator. Wash and dry your dishes, clean your counters, and throw out the trash, sweeping and mopping afterward. Remove clogs in sink, tub and shower drains. Replace drain baskets with rubber drain stoppers. Keep sweet drinks like juice, wine, and soda covered.

Damp fabrics like kitchen and bath towels, rags, sponges, and mops are also magnets for fruit flies. Pick them up, wash, and dry them and put them away promptly. Take compost out immediately after meal cleanup. Make sure compost containers are well sealed. Clean and dry them thoroughly the moment they're empty. Keep pet yards clear of solid waste.

Do It Yourself Fruit Fly Trap

To take more proactive extermination methods, you can easily assemble a chemical free trap. Take a plastic cup or glass and add ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar or cheap chardonnay. Snip a tiny, fruit fly-sized piece off one corner of a plastic sandwich or zippered bag. Smooth the bag onto the cup, and a rubber band onto that. Press the snipped corner down into the glass. Avoid touching the liquid with the bag.

Use clear cups and bags so you can see the results. Make enough to place all around the house, as well as by the garbage and compost containers. Be sure to tell your family they're for fruit flies, not human consumption or alien defense. Replace cups full of dead fruit flies with fresh traps.

Fruit Flies Are No Match for the Pros

The fastest removal method for best results is always with a reputable pest control company. Professional pest controllers have experience in identifying and eliminating critter problems fast. They know how to get rid of fruit flies. A call even for prevention techniques and recommendations will be worth it to keep a clean home that is pest-free.

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