How to Get Rid of Flies

Facts About Flies

  • Flies are in the same family as mosquitoes, which carry blood-borne diseases like encephalitis, malaria, West Nile virus and more.
  • Although they don’t have teeth, some females have razor-sharp jaws that make x-shaped marks in your skin. That’s the “bite” you feel the instant before they make a meal of your blood. Spray your family daily with a good insect repellent. Be sure to spray hair and inside clothes.
  • Fly eggs are laid near a source of liquid nutrition and literally hatch in an instant. Some flies are in a hurry, hatching inside the female.

Homemade Fly Remedies That Don’t Work

Many well-meaning folks have their own ideas about how to get rid of flies. They may swear by fabric softener sheets and homemade fly-paper, but don’t waste your time. Crushed mint or basil leaves, pomanders (cloves stuck in fruit) and sugar water in canning jars don’t do any good, either. Call qualified pest control companies for expert help.

Natural Fly Fixes That Do the Job

No amount of door and window screens, housecleaning and food containers or umbrellas is a match for flies. They will always find a way inside your home. Let Mother Nature show you how to get rid of flies until your experienced pest control pro arrives.
  • Suspend plastic storage bags of water near doors to the outside. These actually have some effect during daylight hours. Check for leaks, and don’t allow wood construction like walls, doors and window frames to become wet.
  • When you’ll be sitting somewhere awhile, light wide candles that contain plenty of lavender essential oil. Be careful around pets, children and breezes. Do not use candles near fans. Remember to put out candle flames whenever you leave the patio or room.
  • The next time you’re at the store, pick up a bottle of dish liquid that smells like fruit. Pour a quarter cup each of the dish liquid and water in a canning jar. Set the open jar on your kitchen counter, dining areas or anywhere else you don’t want flies. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Place a box fan with its back toward a screened opening and its breeze toward you and your family and friends. The flies cannot navigate in the wind it produces. And it keeps you cool in the bargain.

Pest Exterminators Know How to Get Rid of Flies

Most homeowners think fly presence is just something they have to accept. True these creates migrate freely and one or two will likely be visible. However persistent fly presence should not be tolerated. If fly appearances are daily occurrences this may indicate breeding and a resulting long term problem. Before you reach your wit’s end, call a reputable pest control company. Professionals have the quickest means and the best available solutions for getting rid of flies.

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