How to Get Rid of Fleas

Clean Your Home from Top to Bottom

Clean homes eliminate places for fleas to fester and flourish. By vacuuming the carpet, washing the bed sheets and beating the curtains on a regular basis, you can prevent fleas and their eggs from taking hold.

Fleas also hide in tight, hidden areas outside like cracks and crevices, corners, in between patios, and under garden décor. Use a powerful disinfectant in these areas, or a flea-killing insecticide. Take out the trash regularly and seal the lids tightly at all times.

Watch Your Pets

Pets that venture outdoors are often the source of fleas in the home. With fur being the perfect place to hide, dogs and cats often do not show the symptoms of fleas or flea bites until a few days later when they start scratching constantly.

Applying flea shampoo to dogs and cats is now commonly done to prevent pets from becoming vehicles for fleas. There are also flea collars that can be worn around the neck to further keep them free of fleas. Flea shampooing should not have any adverse effects on the pets and should be enough in most cases to keep fleas off for good.

Yard Control

Another way to eliminate fleas is to monitor your yard. Fleas use tall grass and clumps of weed as their base until they can latch onto a host.

One way to get rid of fleas on your lawn is to flood it with water. They are unable to handle excess water, which will cause them drown. You can also sprinkle diatomaceous earth that suffocates the fleas and prevent them from going anywhere above soil level.

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