How to Get Rid of Ants in the House

Clean Them Out

A thorough cleaning of your home is always the best first step in pest control. Put out the garbage frequently and vacuum every room. Spray and wipe your counters with old-fashioned, pure white vinegar or bleach. Use the same solution to mop with once you’ve swept the floors. Super-clean your baseboards, doors, window frames, and cabinets.

Pests strike when we aren’t judiciously manning our clean-up processes. Who has time to clean thoroughly every day, every time, anyway? But when ants strike, take a moment to properly store your prepared food and ingredients. Use plastic bags and airtight storage containers for food. It’s an important step in how to get rid of ants in the house.

Get Them Where They Live

Some common methods work and some do not, but all require time and patience. Try different solutions and see what happens. Some of the most popular homemade ant mound treatments are boiling water, cornstarch or corn meal, and bottle caps filled with borax and corn syrup. Remember that it takes time for workers to transport corn and borax to the queen, and some ants will leave and return.

Another popular choice for natural pest control is beneficial herbs. You can plant peppermint, catnip, catmint, and basil near the ant mound to drive them away. Slightly bruise the leaves and place them in small dishes around your home.

Secrets to Success

Put out sweet baits consisting of a few granules of sugar. Explain to your family that you don’t want it wiped up. When the ants arrive—and they will—sprinkle baby powder or dry borax on them, tracing their path all the way back to the entrance. Caulk up the entry point. Repeat in every room of the house if needed.

Another great idea is to supply each room with a one-quart spray bottle of water. The spray bottle should be filled with a solution containing one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent, vegetable, peanut, or olive oil shaken well. When troublesome ants are spotted, they can be zapped with this ready-made solution and killed on the spot.

Your New Best Friend

Professional pest control companies know how to get rid of ants in the house. Every band of warriors – even ants—can be penetrated and conquered. Call a pest control expert today. Their recommendations for proper prevention are the best a customer can get, leaving your home clean and pest-free.

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