Use Pesticides, Remove the Hive, Call a Beekeeper, Stay Safe While Saving Bees

Bees are essential to fruit, flower, and plant production, but they often pose a threat with their stingers and nests that are often built around human homes.

Despite this, most states have recently implemented laws that prevent homeowners and pest control companies from killing bees due to declining populations that have stalled crop and flower growth. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t remove bees from your home at all. Here are some ways to get rid of bees on your own:

1. Use Pesticides

Spray can pesticides applied from a distance are an easy way to combat bees around your home. While it’s not necessary to douse the nest, spraying half a can should send the message that bees are unwelcome and encourage them to move elsewhere. You don’t need to kill every bee to empty the nest and get rid of all the bees.

Another benefit of using pesticides is the ability to apply it from a distance. Bees may not be as aggressive as wasps, but some bee varieties, especially the Africanized honey bee, will not hesitate using their stingers to attack anything that threatens their nest. Keep them at a distance while using pesticides to discourage advancement.

2. Remove the Hive

Most homeowners would leave bee hive removal in the hands of a professional exterminator, but you can also do it on your own as long as the proper safety measures are taken.

Wear thick gloves and cover your body from head to toe, including the wrists, ears, and ankles. Take a set of pliers or paint scraper to detach the nest and stem. Dispose it in a thick plastic garbage bag and place in the garbage can sealed.

The key to removing the hive is removing every inch of it, including the stem and any residue left on the tree branch or siding. Bee hives constructed into the sides of homes often need to be replaced and repainted to avoid a continuous attraction of bees.

3. Call a Beekeeper

Because of the bee shortage, beekeepers in most states are willing to come and take the hives away for free, although many are also willing to buy it from you. The only thing you’ll have to do is find the number for a local beekeeper and arrange a pickup time.

Stay Safe While Saving Bees

Bees may be annoying, but they are integral to plant and flower growth which means they cannot be treated like other house pests.

The key to getting rid of bees of your own is removing (but not killing) them, or luring them away from your property. The above steps outline ways to do this so that you can live in bee-free home without decimating beneficial bees.

The most important thing to keep in mind when removing bees on your own is your safety. People with bee allergies should either avoid removing bees on their own or go beyond the normal safety precautions of wearing protective gear to taking medication that stops the bee stings from spreading.

In any case, you can always beekeepers who are much more adept at removing bee hives and using them to produce the honey, crops, and plants that humans can enjoy.

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